• Conviction - ljjl_9999 - Salt Lake City, Utah

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    File originally posted on 11/6/2009 7:37 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 11/6/2009 7:37 PM PST

    ljjl_9999 (05/01/08 8:38:14 PM): how old did u say they were?
    rubyslippers013 (05/01/08 8:39:05 PM): theyr in they 60s
    ljjl_9999 (05/01/08 8:39:36 PM): and they hv this sexy 13 yr to deal wiht lol
    rubyslippers013 (05/01/08 8:39:41 PM): lol
    rubyslippers013 (05/01/08 8:39:53 PM): i just lived here bout a month
    ljjl_9999 (05/01/08 8:40:08 PM): it will tkae them a while to get use to u
    rubyslippers013 (05/01/08 8:40:15 PM): ya
    ljjl_9999 (05/01/08 8:40:26 PM): and what 13 yr old girls need and want
    ljjl_9999 (05/01/08 8:40:46 PM): u certainly dont look 13
    rubyslippers013 (05/01/08 8:41:00 PM): that good or bad? lol
    ljjl_9999 (05/01/08 8:41:09 PM): it depends
    ljjl_9999 (05/01/08 8:41:47 PM): depneds on what u do wiht ur looks an dhow u handle ur beauty and ur effect on men and boys lol
    rubyslippers013 (05/01/08 8:41:58 PM): ok
    ljjl_9999 (05/01/08 8:42:44 PM): dont be a tease it can get u in to trouble lol
    rubyslippers013 (05/01/08 8:42:54 PM): ok
    rubyslippers013 (05/01/08 8:42:58 PM): hows that?
    ljjl_9999 (05/01/08 8:43:13 PM): how can it get u in trouble?
    rubyslippers013 (05/01/08 8:43:20 PM): ya
    ljjl_9999 (05/01/08 8:43:51 PM): well if u act like u r older and wilder some boys might try to do more than they should be doing
    ljjl_9999 (05/01/08 8:44:07 PM): and if ou say no they might do it any way
    Yes, rape is the females fault. Sigh.

    Wendell Booth here hit up our contributor and a law enforcement decoy at the same time. He was arrested and both chats were used to get him to plead guilty. There's something reassuring when an old creep like this goes online and finds two kids to attempt to groom and both turn out to be avenues towards being arrested.

    Contributor notes from Blue Bonnet
    Long, boring, repetitive, wanker, disgusting, liar, are all words that describe Wendell G. Booth. Over and over he would wank on cam as he looked over his shoulder to the door behind him. He would often disappear suddenly only to come back the next day. He didn't want his wife to discover what he was doing.

    The law enforcement I was working with decided not to wait for him to show to arrest him. While they were putting together their end of the case Booth was arrested in Salt Lake City on another case similar to ours. My evidence was submitted and at first they were going to make a separate case out of it. The chat was later used to get him to plead guilty to the case in Utah County since they arrested him before we did. Part of his probation agreement was he had to come clean about everything he had done. He received probation.

    This is our 393rd conviction since June of 2004, our 89th conviction for 2009, and our 3rd conviction in Utah thus far.