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    File originally posted on 4/9/2007 9:48 AM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 4/9/2007 9:48 AM PST

    lee_greer74 (4/20/2006 12:02:37 AM): im not that big im only average but im told its thick
    lohan_sux (4/20/2006 12:02:49 AM): hm...well ur bigger then my ex
    lee_greer74 (4/20/2006 12:03:41 AM): lol kewl im glad to here that
    lohan_sux (4/20/2006 12:04:06 AM): i dunno whats average or whatever but u look bigger
    lee_greer74 (4/20/2006 12:05:25 AM): average is anything above 5 inches and im almost 7
    lohan_sux (4/20/2006 12:05:57 AM): gotcha well then ur doin ok lol
    lee_greer74 (4/20/2006 12:06:11 AM): ty
    lee_greer74 (4/20/2006 12:07:14 AM): and as far as thick goes im thick enought it wont fit in the inside of the center of a raole of paper towels
    lohan_sux (4/20/2006 12:07:41 AM): wow i dont kno if ill look at paper towels the same again now
    lee_greer74 (4/20/2006 12:08:08 AM): lol
    lee_greer74 (4/20/2006 12:10:02 AM): it would fit you nicely lol
    lohan_sux (4/20/2006 12:10:28 AM): do u think its 2 big tho? i dont kno bout that stuff
    lee_greer74 (4/20/2006 12:10:54 AM): no its not to big would just have to take it slow
    lee_greer74 (4/20/2006 12:11:08 AM): till you got use to it
    lohan_sux (4/20/2006 12:11:20 AM): o that makes sense
    lee_greer74 (4/20/2006 12:12:38 AM): yeah if you go to fast the first time it would probly hurt but thats why id lick you first it would help lube it up for the real thing
    The paper towel thing is new and original, at least.

    Looks like the judge definitely read this chat-log, it's a symphony of disturbing graphic vileness and Lee Greer has been sentenced accordingly. He showed up to our Fort Myers sting operation in April 2006, now in April 2007 he has learned his fate.

    He will receive 21 months in state prison, three years probation afterwards and lifetime RSO registration. We hope he has a fun time in jail and learns that there is more to life than telling kids tall-tales online about common household objects.

    Notes from the Contributor, Red Baroness
    On 4/19/06, Calvin Lee Greer started talking with my 13 year-old persona, Sammie. For the next two days, the chat ranged from \"have you kissed anyone?\" to \"I want to be your first\", and everything in-between. Calvin was a first-class groomer, and his constant flattery is what makes men like him so dangerous to children. Kids that age are looking for someone to make them feel good about themselves, and Calvin was right in there to make Sammie feel wanted and liked.

    There is no doubt in my mind that Calvin would have had sex with this child, had she been real. His sentence of 21 months in jail and 3 years of probation gives him plenty of time to think about what he was doing at that house. Hopefully he had an epiphany when he was face-down in the dirt, being handcuffed. Kids are not for your personal satisfaction, Calvin.

    Thanks to pro-active Law Enforcement and our work with Dateline, another predator is off the streets. I'd like to thank my verifier, and the excellent work of the Ft. Myers Police.

    This is our 173rd conviction since June of 2004 and our 52nd conviction for 2007 so far.