• Conviction - hckywingnut2000 - Warren, Michigan

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    File originally posted on 12/12/2009 2:06 AM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 12/12/2009 2:06 AM PST

    hckywingnut2000 (01/26/08 9:09:27 PM): hi
    emily_ann1993 (01/26/08 9:09:38 PM): hi
    hckywingnut2000 (01/26/08 9:09:56 PM): how are you tonight
    emily_ann1993 (01/26/08 9:10:02 PM): good
    hckywingnut2000 (01/26/08 9:11:03 PM): are you alone
    emily_ann1993 (01/26/08 9:11:19 PM): yeah
    hckywingnut2000 (01/26/08 9:11:34 PM): your 14
    emily_ann1993 (01/26/08 9:11:41 PM): yeah
    hckywingnut2000 (01/26/08 9:11:55 PM): do you like older men
    emily_ann1993 (01/26/08 9:12:12 PM): idk nvr thought bout it
    hckywingnut2000 (01/26/08 9:12:37 PM): im 24
    emily_ann1993 (01/26/08 9:13:06 PM): k
    hckywingnut2000 (01/26/08 9:13:49 PM): what are you doing
    emily_ann1993 (01/26/08 9:13:58 PM): nothin really
    hckywingnut2000 (01/26/08 9:14:13 PM): do you have a b/f
    emily_ann1993 (01/26/08 9:14:33 PM): no
    hckywingnut2000 (01/26/08 9:14:52 PM): do you play around
    emily_ann1993 (01/26/08 9:15:13 PM): dont play im not a little kid
    hckywingnut2000 (01/26/08 9:15:39 PM): have you had sex
    emily_ann1993 (01/26/08 9:15:43 PM): no
    hckywingnut2000 (01/26/08 9:16:00 PM): ever thought about it
    emily_ann1993 (01/26/08 9:16:13 PM): yeah i thought bout it
    hckywingnut2000 (01/26/08 9:16:26 PM): and ????
    emily_ann1993 (01/26/08 9:16:32 PM): and wat
    hckywingnut2000 (01/26/08 9:16:48 PM): you don/t play
    emily_ann1993 (01/26/08 9:16:56 PM): play wat
    hckywingnut2000 (01/26/08 9:17:46 PM): with your self
    This sick jerk doesn't hesitate at all.

    Johnny Ray Stanley was arrested as part of the follow up arrests to the Wayne County, Michigan sting. He didn't show up to the house, but he still committed a crime in Michigan, and we are thankful they have such strong laws on the books. Stanley is an especially sick man, and he very much deserves this conviction. He quickly pled guilty to the charges against him, receiving 30 days county jail, 5 years probation with nearly 30 supervision conditions of a wide ranging nature, registration as a sex offender, sex offender treatment, and fines.

    Contributor notes from Sherry Twist
    hckywingnut2000, whose real name is Johnny Stanley, hit up my decoy profile during the Wayne County, sting in the spring of 2008, but he never came to the house. He was particularly nasty and mean, and he knocked over 25 years off his age. He claimed to be 24, but he was really 52. He was arrested later and charged with dissemination and solicitation involving who he thought was a (14) year old girl. Thank you Michigan for being so proactive going after these guys and keeping the children of Michigan safe.

    This is our 476th conviction since June of 2004, our 171st conviction for 2009, and our 60th conviction in Michigan thus far.