Hello, and welcome to Perverted-Justice.com. The staff of this website are trained adult citizen-contributors who enter regional chat rooms as underage kids and, if solicited for sex by adults, work with police to prosecute and convict those adults. While our site was once regarded as controversial, our track record demonstrates that we are truly anything but.

Information Sharing Agreements

As you may have seen on our multiple Dateline NBC broadcasts, we work exclusively with police. We have several hundred information-sharing agreements with agencies from local police to the Department of Homeland Security - and you're more than welcome to join forces with us as well. We essentially strive to serve as a tool for you to use; not every department will have the manpower or the hours to actually go out into the chat rooms, and we fill that role for you and provide incontrovertible documentation of what we do. We've established a solid evidence chain using our tried and true protocols and our innovative, in-house created software. Our volunteers work irregular hours (and in some cases, hours that detectives cannot work) and are trained exclusively on how to make solid, easily prosecutable cases that are guaranteed to put internet predators in jail - and we provide this service for free.

We are more than happy to demonstrate our site's legal integrity to you or the district attorney for your jurisdiction; simply contact our site's law enforcement coordinators, at vdc@pjfi.org and silver@pjfi.org. They'll put someone in contact with you as soon as possible to inform you of the strict protocols and policies that we have in place that have led to years of successes getting convictions. We are experienced at winning over people from district attorneys to federal agents - and we're good at it, because we are the living proof that we are an effective and worthwhile agency, given that we have convictions in well over half the nation and have coordinated revolutionary sting operations that featured police and Perverted-Justice.com working hand-in-hand.

If you would like more information about Perverted-Justice.com's information-sharing agreements (or, as we call them, "Information First" agreements), please contact our coordinators at silver@pjfi.org and vdc@pjfi.org; you can also leave a message on our answering system for law enforcement by dialing 479.222.1935 and leaving your name, department, and phone number. We will return your call as soon as possible. If you do not hear from us within 48 hours of leaving your message at that number, please e-mail vdc@pjfi.org.

Joint Sting Operations

We've also put this service to the ultimate test - large and small scale sting operations in conjunction with law enforcement agencies across the nation. Some of these operations have been documented by the media, including Dateline NBC. Our experience, techniques, and large team of volunteers have rewarded us with great success in every operation we've had a hand in. Our evidence was used to arrest 256 suspects during sting operations in 2006. If your agency is interested in conducting a sting operation with Perverted-Justice.com we will put this service to work for you at absolutely no cost. We provide our large volunteer base of trained chat decoys, underage sounding telephone verifiers, internet researchers, as well as our software and databases, all for free. Our carefully coordinated efforts and ability to keep real time communication with suspects right up until they reach the meeting point has enabled us to have as many as 51 suspects arrested in 3 days. We conduct these operations with or without media coverage, in urban or rural settings.

For more information about conducting an operation with Perverted-Justice.com, contact volunteers Van or Silver, at vdc@pjfi.org or silver@pjfi.org. They will be able to answer all of your questions and provide previous law enforcement references of our work during group stings upon request.

Perverted Justice Training Academy

Interested instead in obtaining more information and taking a professional course on conducting these operations yourself? We have put together training materials regarding what we do with experienced instructors regarding the best practices in conducting these investigations. At absolutely no cost to you or your department and with classes on a flexible schedule, our Academy balances the need for training and information along with your need to not have such training impact your current case-load. New classes are enrolling all the time. If you're interested in finding out more information, please visit the following link.