Working hard, but quietly!
Been working hard, just quietly, as an organization. Today we saw some media on one of our recent arrests by the Dothan Eagle. As the article notes, there are other arrests out there which simply aren't covered by media outlets.

Since "To Catch a Predator" ran it's course, we've been focusing on working with police and just getting arrests. Most of them don't hit the media, as arrests of males trying to sexually abuse minors don't raise much interest by reporters, but they all hit the courthouse.

Our organization is still bringing on chat-log contributors and phone verifiers. More information further down the page if you'd like to join up and be trained in working with law enforcement to nab dangerous individuals just like Michael Graue.

Phone verifiers needed, apply today
We've been bringing on volunteers and restocking our roster of people working in chat-rooms and on social networking websites to bring internet predators to police. And now we need to focus on looking for volunteers to do what we call phone verification.

Rather than chat with people online, phone verifiers are young-sounding males and females over the age of 21 who call these individuals pretending to be the teenager that an internet predator is attempting to groom for sex. They work with our chat-room/social networking volunteers to build credibility for our decoy profiles.

If you sound very young but are over the age of 21, we'd be very happy to hear from you in regards to this important volunteer position. Please email our phone verification coordinator Molly if you're interested in helping out. Thanks!

Note on fliers bearing our organization name
Our organization does not send out fliers. We've become aware that someone is sending out fliers with our organization name on them. The person is mailing them from Providence, Rhode Island and is using our organization address as a return address fraudulently. These fliers are not sent from our organization, we know nothing about the veracity of the claims in them, and anyone using our organizational address as a return address on their communications is doing so in a deceitful manner.

If you have come to our website due to any physical mailings you've come across, simply be aware that this is not information vetted by our organization, nor transmitted by our organization.

Looking for applicants to our training program
We have undertaken a massive effort to rework how we bring on new volunteers to learn how to do the chat-logs that you see on the website. From learning how to collect evidence in a professional and credible manner to learning how to chat with these individuals to secure an arrest, our online e-learning program will help out.

Anyone is eligible to apply given that they're over 21 years of age with a clean criminal background. Full details can be found at the following link: Application Information

We're very proud of the work that has been done to totally overhaul and simplify how we bring on volunteers. Our new training academy is a serious step-up in processing volunteers to do chat-logs that bring in results. Please have a read of the page today and see if volunteering with us to try to help deal with internet predators online is something you're interested in.

New Canadian resource profiles pedophiles
Over the years, Canadians have been asking how to help out, or for links to resources regarding pedophiles and other sexual offenders against children. Recently a pretty good resource was launched in Canada as detailed in this Ottawa Sun article: Convicted Pedophile Outing Website Goes Live.

The website,, is set up with resources for Canadian parents and links to identities of convicted pedophiles set up by province, and each listing has articles to media stories regarding the individuals abuse case.

Canadians should check out the site and support greater efforts to drag the culprits of such abuse out into the sunlight.

Dangers on the 'net not so obvious to parents
When it comes to the internet, today's parents have probably the most difficult time in the history of the internet when it comes to protecting their kids online. Despite all of the press and attention the issue has received, the dangers online towards children are varied and most often, unexpected.

The common refrain not to allow your kids into chat-rooms or use webcams is a good one, but with the rise of social media, a new set of dangers have arisen. People think their Facebook profiles or their twitter profiles are benign, or that discussion websites their children visit are safe because the websites don't look like an overt threat.

An illustration of the above comes in the recent controversy over the website Reddit, a popular discussion and news aggregation tool. It recently got a lot of attention regarding it's hosting of a pedophile forum which features promotion of sexual acts with children and the sharing of images of children stolen from social networking websites. A decent write-up of the controversy is found here: on Reddit's pedophile community. Reddit is owned by Conde Nast, a company that publishes a large amount of magazines and websites.

It used to be that pedophiles had to hunker down on their own sites, with web-services emanating from Russia or the Middle-East. However, in recent years, ethical business practices from US companies have eroded and pedophiles have found themselves welcomed on services such as Reddit, Google, Wikipedia, Facebook, and numerous other online outlets. Google, as an example, refused to take down blogs advocating the molestation of children on blogspot, defending such verbiage as "freedom of speech."

While we at are quite happy we have protection against government encroachment of our right to free speech, we urge readers of this website to never let such false arguments from companies sway them. There is no right of free speech on private business servers. Reddit, Facebook, Google and the like all have terms of service. They choose not to restrict pro-pedophile viewpoints, it has nothing to do with upholding the bill of rights.

The problem for parents is pretty simple. Due to online companies no longer having the ethos to remove viewpoints advocating the molestation of children, and in Reddit/Conde Nast's case... even stolen images from actual kid's social media used by pedophiles on the website as masturbation material... there isn't a silver bullet to tell parents to watch out for. The old advice to keep them off webcam and out of chats still holds true, but it simply isn't so simple anymore.

While it's impossible to keep your kids off of social networking websites and all the various websites that can have dangers on them, we encourage parents to have frank and open discussion with their children alerting them to the fact when they're online, they should be guarded. Whether it's what they post on facebook to what they write on twitter, parents need to take an active role in monitoring their kids online.

These problems have always existed online, but in recent years the pervasiveness of them can only be directly attributed to the complete withdrawal of online companies from their responsibility of restricting and removing pro-pedophile viewpoints. Be safe online and make sure you're taking an active role with your children's internet activities, as now companies simply are not going to do their ethical and moral responsibility as they have done in years past.

Helping to clean-up social networking pays off
Since March 2007, volunteers on our official forums have been tasked with scouring Myspace and Facebook for sex offenders using those services. Many sex offenders get restrictions on their internet usage not to mention that both websites will remove sex offenders if they are reported to them.

Since 2007, we've been working on identifying sex offenders on Myspace and in 2008, we expanded that effort to Facebook. The results? Sadly staggering. At the end of 2010, the numbers break down as follows...

- Myspace
10,746 known sex offenders deleted since 2007

- Facebook
2,800 known sex offenders deleted since 2008

Both companies have been helpful and responsive towards removing danger users from their communities. The increase in Myspace offenders against Facebook offenders is simply due to the fact that it's harder to identify sex offenders on Facebook than Myspace due to Myspace having better search options.

At the end of the day, whether it's a large social networking website like Myspace or Facebook, or a smaller social networking website... letting your kids have strangers as friends online is just as foolish as telling your kids to hang out with strangers in your local parks. The numbers we've helped remove are very large, but larger still are those that remain out there.

You can help out with our clean-up efforts by registering for the forums and visiting the "clean-up" section to volunteer.

Results in Petaluma? Ask the police yourselves!
It is rare, but sometimes journalists just do what we've always said they should do... if you want to know about and our work, ask the police that we work with about it. That's what Dan Johnson of the Petaluma Argus-Courier did and the results? Predictable.

His article title says it all: Police laud impact of sex sting - Petaluma Argus-Courier

Fact is, when you talk to police that have first-hand knowledge of how we work and our methods, you will find the consensus result that this article found. We bring effective tactics and quality manpower that reduces the viability of their community as a destination for internet sexual predators. It's rare to see a journalist stick to the facts and talk to people with first-hand direct knowledge about what we do. How refreshing!

We'd like to thank the Petaluma police force for their outstanding partnership during that sting operation and for their open honesty when asked about the results of that work.

Note regarding site impersonators
Putting up a quick note that if you have come to this website because someone has contacted you randomly claiming to work for our organization, then you are dealing with a scam artist who has recently gone around attempting to extort money out of individuals online, claiming that the person will be put up on our website if monies are not paid to them.

If anyone contacts you with such a scenario, they are breaking the law and you should immediately contact police regarding the extortion attempt. Our organization works with police to get sexual predators arrested, we do not appreciate attempts by scam artists to use our name in order to make a quick buck. Pay them nothing and call the police to report any attempt at extortion.

Speaking from experience in getting internet predators arrested... no matter the medium involved in the online criminal attempt, servers such as Yahoo, Microsoft, Google will work with police to track people who break the law down for arrest and prosecution.

Must-read article in LE Technology Magazine
For anyone following what we do, there's a must-read article in Law Enforcement Technology Magazine over at They go in-depth into what we do, talk to the law enforcement that has knowledge of working with us and covers all the issues surrounding what we do, from the much-ballyhooed "entrapment" claims that the general public doesn't understand much about to what we bring to the table for law enforcement stings in general.

If you want to hear about what we do from law enforcement that has witnessed first-hand what we do, check out Internet Watchdogs - If you've ever had questions or even, gasp, uneasy qualms about what we do... well, it's the article for you. This is pretty much the only article and reporter who has ever actually talked to police regarding the work we do.

We've been saying it for a long time and proving it even longer, our operations are professional, effective and one of a kind. Thanks to those in law enforcement for stepping forward to tell the world what it should already know: We build quality cases that stand up in court, we're professional and we work. It is simply too bad more reporters don't search out the police we have worked with to find this out for themselves.
Chatlog Conviction #592
 jlucero155_l - Norwalk, Connecticut
Jesus Lucero took a 50 mile taxi ride to end up in custody.
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Chatlog Conviction #591
 christopher_brown1991 - Chicago, Illinois
Christopher Brown knew the consequences, but showed up for sex with a child anyway.
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Chatlog Conviction #590
 jakelewis315 - Hartford, Alabama
Jake Lewis wants to hand over access to his bank account, but instead he hands over his freedom.
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Chatlog Conviction #589
 Billy Joe - Jasper, Indiana
Already a Registered Sex Offender, Brian Higgins shows up to meet a 14 year old girl
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Chatlog Conviction #588
 georgiamike1968 - Atlanta, Georgia
Michael Graue drove 200 miles to throw away his career
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Chatlog Conviction #587
 koolkrod16 - Chicago, Illinois
Robert Konieczko learns there are consequnces for "loving young"
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Chatlog Conviction #586
 chrisnr1998 - Des Plaines, Illinois
Christopher Richko gets a new kind of education
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Chatlog Conviction #585
 movieman2397 - Covington, Georgia
Daniel Eric Bowman gets a knock on the door....
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Chatlog Conviction #584
 kckboxer18 - Atlanta, Georgia
Anthony Patrick Quinn thinks the law is dumb
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Chatlog Conviction #583
 bmichigan69 - Clarkston, Michigan
Brian lost his job, but then gained RSO status.
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Chatlog Conviction #582
 krazythug_692000 - Grand Rapids, Michigan
Brett Andrew Maloney is now a Michigan RSO.
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Chatlog Conviction #581
 recon101_2000 - Grand Rapids, Michigan
Scott Owen was a National Guardsman. Now he's a Registered Sex Offender.
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Chatlog Conviction #580
 wl72971 - Jerome, Michigan
Wayne Love gets some Michigan jail time.
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Chatlog Conviction #579
 georgia_emti - Conyers, Georgia
Tommy McDonald won't be an EMT anymore - after he gets out of prison.
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Chatlog Conviction #578
 jjj_200925 - Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin
Jamie E. Quella gets yet more prison time.
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Chatlog Conviction #577
 hunglowilove69 - Orange County, California
Joseph Gene Federico gets an extra special sentence in California
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Chatlog Conviction #576
 darkprince666_2006 - Bogalusa, Louisiana
RSO status wasn't enough to stop Wendell Green. Perhaps 7 years in state prison will.
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Chatlog Conviction #575
 raidersdawg5 - Neenah, Wisconsin
Ryan's going to be late for his late-night shift at work, since he's in jail.
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Chatlog Conviction #574
 lovesource7 - West Palm Beach, Florida
Deepak Bist appealed, lost, and ran.
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Chatlog Conviction #573
 jaguarsd69 - New York City, New York
Joel Andres Ortiz shows that you don't have to be excessively graphic to break the law.
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Chatlog Conviction #572
 philknowlan - Coldwater, Michigan
Phillip Knowlan meets the Michigan Attorney General's Office
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Chatlog Conviction #571
 racine_guy22 - Racine, Wisconsin
Micheal Krezinski opened up a big can of mess when he showed up to meet a child for sex
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Chatlog Conviction #570
 dan45_m_1 - Columbus, Michigan, Michigan
Daniel Conrad Raab gets to be a RSO after asking little girls to watch his webcam
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Chatlog Conviction #569
 cseli606 - Vacaville, California
What happens when an Air Force cop meets a Perverted Justice decoy?
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