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    File originally posted on 3/28/2012 8:31 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 3/28/2012 8:31 PM PST

    fjk84412 (06/28/08 12:12:58 AM): whats your fantasy u had that u want to try or do?
    rubyslippers013 (06/28/08 12:13:14 AM): i wanna go 2 disney world
    fjk84412 (06/28/08 12:13:15 AM): dosent mater how wild or crazy they spound
    fjk84412 (06/28/08 12:13:22 AM): sound
    rubyslippers013 (06/28/08 12:13:30 AM): i wanna go 2 disney world
    fjk84412 (06/28/08 12:13:36 AM): sweet
    fjk84412 (06/28/08 12:14:14 AM): i want to go back to sea world and disney world too
    rubyslippers013 (06/28/08 12:14:25 AM): u got 2 go there?
    rubyslippers013 (06/28/08 12:14:26 AM): cool
    fjk84412 (06/28/08 12:14:59 AM): yeah once but this time i want to spend more than one day i want to stay a week
    rubyslippers013 (06/28/08 12:15:23 AM): that would b cool
    fjk84412 (06/28/08 12:15:42 AM): the more i think and talk to you the more i think you are my fantasy baby
    fjk84412 (06/28/08 12:16:25 AM): your becoming more and more what iam wanting in a gf
    If you ask someone what their wild and crazy fantasy is and they reply to go to disney world, that means you're most likely breaking the law.

    Felipe J. Keidaisch had some bad luck. Some bad federal luck. Because the federal courts don't screw around with internet predators, they go to federal prison for decent spells, as opposed to the states, most of which are generally too lenient.

    Keidaisch received 57 months in federal prison with supervised release for ten years afterwards. After you read the contributor notes, you'll probably even think he deserved a much longer sentence.

    Contributor notes from Blue Bonnet
    I really wanted this guy to show. I can't describe the vile titles of the child porn videos he sent. Fortunately for me it was labeled as to what it was so I was able to screenshot the attempts to send it without opening it. The titles alone are very graphic and listed exactly what was in the child porn videos.

    Keidaisch showed up with everything he said he was going to bring such as camera and video equipment, his computer full of child porn videos and pictures, gifts for the child, dvd's that held child porn that he intended to give to the child. He also brought a few other very scary things such as handcuffs to use on the child.

    This case went federal. Felipe J. Keidaisch plead guilty and got really lucky that he was given a plea deal. He will have to serve 57 months in prison and supervised release for ten years.

    I am so grateful to the Iron County law enforcement and Nic Johnson. I have been very blessed to work with them for over two years.

    This is our 549th conviction since June of 2004