• Conviction - wocket2003 - Shreveport, Louisiana

    - Chatlog Conviction -
    File originally posted on 5/17/2006 3:47 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 5/17/2006 8:46 PM PST

    wocket2003 (12:54:29 AM): kiss
    wocket2003 (12:54:34 AM): maybe suck a little
    wocket2003 (12:55:00 AM): play with it
    wocket2003 (12:55:22 AM): let me play with you
    leslieloooo (12:55:33 AM): ok kewl
    wocket2003 (12:55:46 AM): if you want, i'll slide it inside you
    leslieloooo (12:55:59 AM): hmmm dont know i dont wnat to get preggers
    wocket2003 (12:56:13 AM): yeah, just slide it inside to feel it
    leslieloooo (12:56:35 AM): u promise not to do anything insid eme
    wocket2003 (12:56:43 AM): i wont

    Sometimes they take a while, this is a good example. The chat originally occurred in 2004. The conviction? 2006. It takes patience, sometimes. The man is Paul McNeme, a Major in the Air Force. Along with the dubious distinction of being the highest ranked military conviction in our organization's history, McNeme also took forever to agree to a plea agreement.

    After one hearing where his defense attorney tried and failed to grill contributor Antiperv, McNeme realized that he had little to do but to plea guilty. He will face three months confinement, registration as a sexual offender and dismissal (the equivalent of a dishonorable discharge for a military officer) from the armed forces. This predator will go from giving orders to taking orders for every single thing he wishes to do while in confinement.

    McNeme had a promising career and promotions lying ahead of him and he threw it away for the hopes of an underage tryst. Just another illustration that one needs to remember that these predators come from every single socio-economic class possible.

    Notes from the Contributor, Antiperv
    This one has been a long time coming. He ran across me back before we had strong LE support. He was away from his home base, and wasn't exactly honest on his true rank and what he flew. By reading the chat I doubt he ever would have been found due to lack of personal information. However, since he was in a hotel room, the Air Force knew who he was and they don't look too kindly on officers soliciting children. I'd like to thank the investigators and prosecutors at Barksdale AFB for doing a bang up job with this case. While the confinement part of the sentence is shorter than most would like, the dismissal from the service is the major consequence for this type of activity.

    This is our 57th conviction since June of 2004 and our first conviction in Louisiana. This brings to 26 the total number of states we have a conviction in. That's now officially over half the United States. This is our seventeenth conviction for the year 2006 thus far. We're very pleased that this Major in the Air Force has finally been brought down to justice and look forward to working with the military on our other cases still in prosecution. The military has consistently proven that whether it's an enlisted man or an officer, they have no tolerance for internet predators in their ranks.