's Most Wanted

Over the years, there have been several sexual predators who have avoided their date with justice. After being released on bail, they have failed to show for court proceedings repeatedly and have managed to disappear, avoiding a resolution to their cases. Bench warrants have been issued for their arrests, and we have decided to post information about these alleged predators so the public can potentially notify the appropriate authorities if they have information regarding these individuals.

Please read carefully, as there's no reason to bother busy law enforcement with false reports. Most of these men are foreign nationals who may or may not have fled to their home country. However, we do get some visitors to this website from these countries who may know their location, and these men also might return to the United States in the future, if they indeed ever left.

Please keep in mind, however, that most of these men have not yet been convicted of the sexual crimes for which they were arrested, but they are guilty of disobeying court orders to appear. The list is as follows, you can click on their real name in order to view a more detailed bio on each individual.

List of current fugitives as of November 16th, 2009

- Real Name - Online ID - Arrest Location - Last Known Hometown -

1. Abdallah Mohamed Mohamed - blondy91972 / midos1972 - Flagler Beach, FL - Orlando, FL

2. Yazan Asfour - slave2mistresses - Flagler Beach, FL - Tampa, FL

3. Abhilash Ab Bhaskaran - raj21us21 - Harris County, GA - Alpharetta, GA

4. Sandeep Kamath - kamath_manipal - Meriden, CT - Stamford, CT

5. Prapanj Ganeshan Radhamony - astraightlife - Jefferson County, AL - Birmingham, AL

6. Gaurav Goyal - - Wayne County, MI - Auburn Hills, MI

7. Chandram Pilli - chandram_p / wantdate2008 - Wayne County, MI - Farmington, MI

8. Gopichand Pai - paigopi - Petaluma, CA - Sunnyvale, CA

9. Pulkit Mathur - puki_007us - Petaluma, CA - Sunnyvale, CA

10. Hyung K Paek - hyungpaek - Riverside, CA - Los Angeles, CA

11. Norindra Say - yoyoma92054 - Laguna Beach, CA - Tustin, CA

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