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    - Chatlog Conviction -
    File originally posted on 8/17/2011 6:36 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 8/17/2011 6:36 PM PST

    south_calif_46m (4:23:59 PM): No bf at school?
    ima_beangirl2 (4:24:05 PM): no
    south_calif_46m (4:24:30 PM): I hope things work out
    ima_beangirl2 (4:24:47 PM): me 2
    south_calif_46m (4:24:57 PM): I'd luv to date you
    ima_beangirl2 (4:25:20 PM): yea
    south_calif_46m (4:25:36 PM): mmm
    south_calif_46m (4:26:10 PM): Just tell any kids that see us I'm your dad and I'm visiting
    ima_beangirl2 (4:26:21 PM): ok
    south_calif_46m (4:26:32 PM): or uncle or whatever
    south_calif_46m (4:26:38 PM): Wish I was your daddy
    ima_beangirl2 (4:26:49 PM): realy?
    south_calif_46m (4:26:55 PM): Oh heck yes
    south_calif_46m (4:27:00 PM): In a heartbeat
    ima_beangirl2 (4:27:05 PM): why
    south_calif_46m (4:27:24 PM): I just like that daughter /daddy thing
    Creepy? Yep. Practiced? Very.

    Stephen Deck was one of the more polished predators we've ever run across. Then again, that makes sense, as this particular predator was well-acquainted with the law and grooming tactics. Deck was a police officer at the time of his arrest, a 23 year veteran of the highway patrol.

    Deck's grooming was calculated and precise. So much so that he was one of the individuals from the 2006 Laguna Beach sting that we did a examination of his chat-log on at the following link: Deck log writeup.

    Deck was arrested in 2006, he was convicted in 2010 and sentenced in March. Due to an appeal, we waited until Summer 2011 to post the log. Justice, she is slow sometimes. And in Deck's case, a bit too lenient. Deck was sentenced to lifetime registration, a few months jail and a fine. The lightness of the sentence was well-captured in the following media story regarding the sentencing: Judge Goes Easy - OCWeekly.com

    Contributor notes from Almond Joy
    Stephen Robert Deck was a twenty three year veteran of the California Highway Patrol. He was a Lieutenant. He was a trusted member of the Law Enforcement community. Now he is just another face in the never-ending crowd that is the registered sexual offender community.

    After several days of chat with \"Ame\", a goth teenager that loved makeup and punk music. Mr. Deck drove from San Diego to Laguna Beach in the winter of 2006, right around Valentine's Day, hoping for a \" romantic\" liaison with what he believed to be that lonely thirteen year old girl. He brought with him the key lime pie that she asked for, as well as a digital camera and way too many condoms, which she had not requested. He had spent days \"romancing\" Ame, the child with the big brown eyes that he believed to be behind the computer screen. He groomed Ame with promises of expensive gifts and trips. He continued the grooming with compliments about her looks and makeup. He wanted to spend time with her applying her makeup, in her bedroom. He wanted to take her to an expensive makeup counter to get a \"makeover\". He thought it was romantic. He often chatted of romance, love, shopping, expensive clothes and all the things a lonely teenager wants to hear.

    But, he was slick. A veteran Law Enforcement officer, more aware than most about the crime he was committing, taking careful steps in his chat. Careful because he knew the consequences of his actions. He could get arrested, lose his job, be forced into retirement, possibly losing his benefits. He installed a computer program to \"wipe\" it clean, and no evidence before 2005 could be gathered off his personal computer, nothing, nada, zilch. He was careful, very careful. Yet, he threw caution to the wind. He got in his car, and with the intent of having sex with Ame on his mind, he drove to the park to meet her. Luckily there was no real thirteen year old waiting for him. Stephen was met and arrested by the fine professionals at the Laguna Beach Police Department. They, along with the Orange County District Attorney Office, knew the dangers their community faced from this predator. They spent four years on his case; Assistnat DA changes, tedious motion after motion, defendant being sick, changing lawyers mid stream, new defense lawyer's wife pregnancy, all kinds of things to slow the case down. But DA Tony Rackauckas hung in there, feet dug in, not going away. After all the legal wrangling had been done, it was finally time for a trial.

    At the trial, evidence was entered that showed Mr. Deck was also chatting with several real kids. One of the chat logs with a thirteen year old girl showed that Mr. Deck requested she molest her ten year old sister for him, on webcam. Another chat log showed that Mr. Deck wanted to be one thirteen year old girl's Daddy. Evidence of him belonging to a Daddy and Daughters incest group based online was found on his computer, along with chats he had there about fantasies of wanting to have sex with his daughter. Luckily, he has no daughter. He mentions in the chat log posted here that he wants to be Ame's Daddy. Let's be glad that there was never a real Ame the day he decided to meet a teenager for sex; just a team of people catching child predators.

    Mr. Deck was found guilty. The jury was quoted as saying they believed he had the intent to have sex with the fictitious thirteen year old girl when he got in his car and drove to meet her. I have no doubt in my mind that he would have raped a thirteen year old that day, given the chance. Instead he was given a chance to get a new set of silver bracelets, ones that he was quite familiar with already, just this time it was him that was wearing them.

    Stephen Robert Deck is a dangerous child predator and as he sits in jail I sincerely hope he admits what he is to himself. I hope he gets help, beyond the mandatory RSO counseling he will be required to attend. Serious help.

    This is our 546th conviction since June of 2004 and our 14th conviction for 2011.