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    File originally posted on 12/28/2010 7:05 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 12/28/2010 7:05 PM PST

    gavy_nakai (10:28:31 PM): c my dick
    gavy_nakai (10:28:31 PM): again
    dark_dana_666 (10:28:54 PM): ya i see it!
    gavy_nakai (10:29:28 PM): lets phone chat
    dark_dana_666 (10:29:52 PM): my phone is charging we can in a bit
    dark_dana_666 (10:30:08 PM): but my mom is home so i gotta b quietk
    dark_dana_666 (10:30:14 PM): omg
    gavy_nakai (10:30:29 PM): ok
    dark_dana_666 (10:30:30 PM): whats ur digits
    gavy_nakai (10:30:41 PM): what u doing
    dark_dana_666 (10:31:08 PM): i gotta go were my mom cant hear
    gavy_nakai (10:31:34 PM): cool
    gavy_nakai (10:31:35 PM): wanna c naked chick
    gavy_nakai (10:31:44 PM): on cam
    dark_dana_666 (10:31:45 PM): me?
    dark_dana_666 (10:31:49 PM): who?
    gavy_nakai (10:31:51 PM): nevermind she left
    gavy_nakai (10:32:00 PM): whats ur number
    dark_dana_666 (10:32:05 PM): u got a naked chick there
    dark_dana_666 (10:32:28 PM): i gotta call u from the garage so my mom dont hear
    gavy_nakai (10:32:38 PM): on
    gavy_nakai (10:32:38 PM): no
    gavy_nakai (10:32:38 PM): on cam
    gavy_nakai (10:32:38 PM): she had her cam on
    What a charmer.

    Karampal Singh Nakai was arrested as part of the January 2006 sting in Riverside County, California. Over 50 predators showed up for that sting, which was done in conjunction with the Riverside police and was filmed for an episode of Dateline NBC.

    Like many of the Riverside cases, justice moved fairly slowly. In the fall of 2008, Nakai was convicted in a jury trial of two counts of attempting to distribute harmful matter for the purpose of seducing a child to engage in sexual activities. He appealed this verdict, but the jury's decision was affirmed earlier this year.

    He was sentenced to 270 days in prison, with 129 days credit for time served, to be served on consecutive weekends. He also received 36 months probation and was ordered to register as a sex offender, with a very long list of restrictions. He also received a litany of fines, fees, and restitutions to pay.

    The contributor for this chat was Oscar Mayer.

    This is our 529th conviction since June of 2004 and our 29th conviction for 2010.