• Conviction - smileman74 - Blaine, Washington

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    File originally posted on 9/26/2007 11:17 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 9/26/2007 11:17 PM PST

    smileman74 (1:28:04 AM): hi
    smileman74 (1:28:25 AM): whats goign on with you?
    smileman74 (1:29:45 AM): are u going to talk to me anymore, ilove you still?
    smileman74 (1:30:17 AM): >:D<:-*
    smileman74 (1:30:19 AM): i love you
    smileman74 (1:31:17 AM): are u here babe?
    smileman74 (1:31:19 AM): talk to me please
    smileman74 (1:37:59 AM): hey wahts going on, are u around?
    smileman74 (1:40:07 AM): I LOVE YOU SWEETIE, AND WISH U WERE HERE
    smileman74 (1:42:21 AM): do u stil live near me?
    smileman74 (2:11:30 AM): hey why arent u talking?
    smileman74 (2:15:38 AM): i love you
    smileman74 (2:40:09 AM): hi anyone here?
    smileman74 (3:11:08 AM): i love you ots
    smileman74 (3:11:09 AM): lots
    smileman74 (3:12:04 AM): i wish u would talk to me
    smileman74 (2:29:29 PM): hi
    smileman74 (2:31:33 PM): are u around, lets chat honey
    smileman74 (3:12:05 PM): do u not like me anymore?
    smileman74 (3:13:06 PM): why dont u talk to me anymore, i stil like you
    smileman74 (4:11:24 PM): i love you
    Nothing like the unhinged obsession of an internet predator.

    Kevin McCausland is another predator caught by a contributor working an "Information First" area. Law enforcement signs up to review any cases we may have in their area, then if we get one, we show it to them and they decide whether to work with us to obtain the arrest. McCausland is one of those individuals that no honest police officer could ever turn down.

    He received a minimum of 86 months in jail with a maximum life sentence depending upon a variety of factors. His conduct in prison, psychological exams, etc. The contributor did an excellent job putting together a conviction writeup so you can get much more information by reading that.

    Contributor notes from General Tso
    Kevin McCausland is a special brand of predator. He holds the distinction of being the most horrifying chat I've ever had as a contributor. He is an admitted predator and danger to any child he ever meets. From the minute he made contact and continued chatting, I knew that he was unlike any predator I'd ever met. He exhibited sociopathic attitudes throughout our chat and I was determined to get him. He is such a danger to his community that I could not conscience letting him go when he was clearly still interested in my persona. I, however, was not the only contributor to bust this predator. He was previously chatting up Almond Joy, exhibiting the same sociopathic tendencies and when he was chatting with her, masturbating in the library where he was volunteering.

    Throughout the chat you will find many many references to cheating. This was a very specific and calculated effort on my part to keep him away from real life children in his community that he was clearly posing a threat to while I attempted to get him to the jurisdiction I was working in for arrest there, get him to a neighboring jurisdiction that we had successfully partnered with before, or work with his own jurisdiction to get him arrested there. The process took longer than I hoped and chat to arrest took four months. I was determined that he would not leave my IM box a free man. He had all the intention of raping my decoy persona and never let up on it.

    This chat is unlike any I have ever done before. Previously my chats would last between hours and a week at the most before they were arrested. Four months was seemingly interminable.

    This predator, especially, is an excellent example of the importance of strong state laws regarding solicitation. Almond Joy and I both worked the same predator in the same state in the same jurisdiction with the same police involved and the same prosecutor. The only thing that changed between her encounter and mine were the state laws. The state legislature voted to beef up the penalties for solicitation of a minor in 2006, and the law making solicitation by electronic means a felony instead of a misdemeanour took effect in September of 2006, between Almond Joy's and my chats. It also added solicitation to the list of registrable offenses, which put him in violation of his registration requirement when he failed to do so after September of 2006.

    He had a rap sheet a mile long, some of which he discusses in the chat and some of which I found out about later. He was apprehended for soliciting a minor and prosecuted for the misdemeanour in the Whitman County District Court in 2004. He has three counts of indecent exposure with sexual motivation, and he has a juvenile rap sheet as well. Because the legislature changed the laws, he was much more appealing to both prosecutors and LE when they received the case this time. Not only was he an RSO in violation of registration but he was also committing a Class C Felony at the very least. The prosecutor decided to go for the whole enchilada in this case and prosecute for the true crime: Criminal Attempt Rape of a Child in the Second Degree, a Class B Felony with a 20 year registration requirement. The plea bargain got McCausland 7 years to LIFE in prison, with an 86 month minimum. I'm incredibly pleased with the outcomes of this trial and trust that this time the state will be more vigilant about letting him back out on the street, considering the depth of the depravity exhibited in this chat and at his arrest.

    I'm very glad this case is over, as it has been like a lead weight in my computer since November, when he first made contact. I'd like to thank my verifier who was willing to make calls most any time I wanted her to, Red Robin, and EVERYONE who let me vent into their IM boxes while I had to deal with this stunning piece of cow excrement. I definitely could not have survived this chat without the help of my fellow contributors who supported me through the vileness and cracked jokes at me to help diffuse the tension that arose each evening as I sat through his talk. I'd also like to extend a massive thank you to the Kitsap County Sheriffs for their assistance in referring the case out to Whatcom and also to the Whatcom County Sheriffs Department for their work in arresting him and bringing some levity to the situation and relief as they agreed to take the case. They also kept me updated as they arrested him and apprised me as to what had happened in the arrest, which in and of itself was enlightening.

    I dedicate this conviction to Seth Roberts, my good friend and inspiration to continue to fight, the same way he has and will.

    Today I feel like I made a difference.

    This is our 226th conviction since June of 2004 and our 105th conviction for 2007 so far.