• Conviction - niceguy4u810 - Linden, Michigan

    - Chatlog Conviction -
    File originally posted on 12/12/2009 3:44 AM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 12/12/2009 3:44 AM PST

    kcmasterpiece (03/03/08 9:07:52 PM): u looking at my pic
    niceguy4u810 (03/03/08 9:07:57 PM): yup
    niceguy4u810 (03/03/08 9:08:58 PM): love to more
    kcmasterpiece (03/03/08 9:09:05 PM): ?
    niceguy4u810 (03/03/08 9:09:11 PM): any in a bathing suit??
    kcmasterpiece (03/03/08 9:09:16 PM): no
    kcmasterpiece (03/03/08 9:09:18 PM): lol
    niceguy4u810 (03/03/08 9:10:00 PM): :(
    kcmasterpiece (03/03/08 9:10:04 PM): where u go
    niceguy4u810 (03/03/08 9:10:30 PM): still here
    kcmasterpiece (03/03/08 9:10:38 PM): no cam
    niceguy4u810 (03/03/08 9:10:55 PM): don't want u gettin caught
    kcmasterpiece (03/03/08 9:11:02 PM): oh
    kcmasterpiece (03/03/08 9:11:04 PM): ok
    kcmasterpiece (03/03/08 9:11:05 PM): lol
    niceguy4u810 (03/03/08 9:11:26 PM): maybe when mom's not home
    kcmasterpiece (03/03/08 9:11:32 PM): lol
    kcmasterpiece (03/03/08 9:11:33 PM): ok
    kcmasterpiece (03/03/08 9:11:51 PM): shes gonna be gone this weekend
    kcmasterpiece (03/03/08 9:11:53 PM): lol
    niceguy4u810 (03/03/08 9:11:59 PM): really
    niceguy4u810 (03/03/08 9:12:04 PM): all weekend?
    kcmasterpiece (03/03/08 9:12:04 PM): yea
    kcmasterpiece (03/03/08 9:12:09 PM): yea
    niceguy4u810 (03/03/08 9:12:13 PM): mmmmmmmmm
    kcmasterpiece (03/03/08 9:12:17 PM): lol
    niceguy4u810 (03/03/08 9:12:49 PM): lol want a real live show??
    kcmasterpiece (03/03/08 9:12:57 PM): realy
    niceguy4u810 (03/03/08 9:13:02 PM): really
    kcmasterpiece (03/03/08 9:13:15 PM): cool
    niceguy4u810 (03/03/08 9:13:41 PM): very
    niceguy4u810 (03/03/08 9:14:24 PM): u serious???
    kcmasterpiece (03/03/08 9:14:29 PM): lol
    kcmasterpiece (03/03/08 9:14:31 PM): ur
    kcmasterpiece (03/03/08 9:14:37 PM): yea
    niceguy4u810 (03/03/08 9:14:41 PM): mmmmmm
    niceguy4u810 (03/03/08 9:15:08 PM): ur some chris hanson thing r u????
    kcmasterpiece (03/03/08 9:15:17 PM): whats that
    niceguy4u810 (03/03/08 9:15:47 PM): he sets guys up for the cops
    Congrats to Chris Hansen, doing all the busting himself! But no, James, we don't always need Dateline cameras around to put guys like you away.

    James Scott Rogers is an arrogant predator. He showed up to the Wayne County bust house, but drove on by because he saw a police vehicle. He mocked the decoy online, thinking he had avoided any crime. The joke's on you, James. Now it's your turn to be mocked. Rogers ended up having to plead guilty to 9 different felonies. He received a sentence of 1-20 years in prison (and it's already gone several months past the minimum date of release). He is also a registered sex offender with the usual restrictions. Nice try, James!

    Contributor notes from KC Masterpiece
    James Scott Rogers age 43 using the screenname "niceguy4u810" hit up my decoy in a Yahoo chat room on 3/3/08 as part of the Detroit MI sting. He wasted no time at all asking if I would meet up with him and have sex. This creep exposed himself on webcam to what he thought was a 14 year old girl and also thought it wise to send pictures of a nude under aged "daughter of a friend".

    Although he made the drive to the bust area he claimed to have spotted a police car and left. His proclamation of "nice try better luck next time" only lulled him into a false sense of freedom. He was arrested in Aug 2008 for this chat. He plead to 9 counts and was sentenced to 1-20 years, he is currently incarcerated. Lucky for him he now has RSO status for life.

    A very, very special thanks to Aloe Vera for her awesome phone work.

    My grateful thanks to the Michigan Attorney General's Office for their work in bringing these predators to justice.

    This is our 477th conviction since June of 2004, our 172nd conviction for 2009, and our 61st conviction in Michigan thus far.