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    Report made 12/25/2007 12:05 PM PST

    burtoncanyon1732002 (01/16/07 6:33:05 PM): they gonna kill me or get the police after me if they find out
    Shelly (01/16/07 6:33:13 PM): lol
    Shelly (01/16/07 6:33:19 PM): they wont silly
    Shelly (01/16/07 6:33:22 PM): im not tellin lo
    Shelly (01/16/07 6:33:24 PM): lol
    burtoncanyon1732002 (01/16/07 6:33:33 PM): what if u get mad at me and tell them
    Shelly (01/16/07 6:33:43 PM): i wont
    Shelly (01/16/07 6:33:44 PM): geeza
    Shelly (01/16/07 6:33:51 PM): im not like that
    burtoncanyon1732002 (01/16/07 6:34:02 PM): ok
    burtoncanyon1732002 (01/16/07 6:34:05 PM): maybe ill come
    Shelly (01/16/07 6:34:20 PM): well i wanna no so i no what im doin
    burtoncanyon1732002 (01/16/07 6:34:36 PM): why what else r u doing
    Shelly (01/16/07 6:34:56 PM): idk
    Shelly (01/16/07 6:34:57 PM): lol
    burtoncanyon1732002 (01/16/07 6:35:23 PM): what r u gonna do with me in the house whith just me there and dont say its up to me

    We first realized Andrew had a low IQ when he had the stereotypical thought that if the teen is willing, he won't get in any trouble.

    Andrew Kessen was arrested due to the work of our contributor in Walpole, New Hampshire. Kind of an odd case, really, you've got Kessen in Vermont, our contributor in another state and he's meeting in New Hampshire. Thankfully, the laws in New Hampshire are written well enough to handle such an occurrence, though they're definitely not written as well in other states.

    Kessen ended up actually having an extremely low IQ (At least that's the story told by the tests and his high priced attorney) so the court gave him leniency. He was sentenced to 12 months in county jail, but deferred for 2 years. He will have a \"review hearing\" every 6 months and will need to go to counseling and will be evaluated as to whether to go to sex offenders counseling as well. He is to have no unsupervised visits with children under the age of 18, and is not allowed to own or use a computer with internet access.

    Contributor notes from Chandra Chai
    For someone who was supposed to be \"learning disabled\" with a low IQ, Andrew sure seemed to understand and comprehend what he was doing just fine. He even showed up early for the meet. LE wasn't there yet, so he walked over to a bar, had a few drinks and came back for another try. Of course, he didn't meet the 13 year old girl he was hoping for, but he did get to meet my friends in the Walpole PD. He stated in the chat that pain was fun sometimes, not sure if he found that to be true or not. No matter.

    I was disappointed in the sentence. I was told that since he was from Vermont, met in NH and with his low IQ they went with a plea. At least he will be watched closely as he will be having a \"review hearing\" every 6 months. I'll be anxious to see what happens to him in Vermont, if anything, because of this conviction.

    Again, thank you to the Walpole PD, especially Sgt. Dick Westney. Whenever I think of New Hampshire, I will always first think of him. And thanks to Kathleen O'Reilly and the prosecutors office for all their trust and cooperation. Such a great group of people!

    Major props to Bigfoot on the verifies for this. She is just awesome, and was an integral part in getting Andrew to show up. Thank you so much Bigfoot! She spent hours on the phone with him, in many long, boring conversations. She has the patience of a saint!

    This is our 260th conviction since June of 2004 and our 139th conviction for 2007 so far.