• Conviction - sweet_jay83 - Westland, Michigan

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    File originally posted on 1/3/2009 3:13 AM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 1/3/2009 3:13 AM PST

    sweet_jay83 (02/10/08 11:34:34 PM): hi
    Decoy (02/10/08 11:34:43 PM): watcha doing?
    sweet_jay83 (02/10/08 11:35:03 PM): playing with me self and than going to bed
    sweet_jay83 (02/10/08 11:35:05 PM): wanna watch
    sweet_jay83 (02/10/08 11:35:06 PM): lol
    Decoy (02/10/08 11:35:09 PM): lol
    sweet_jay83 (02/10/08 11:35:23 PM): :P you know you wanna
    Decoy (02/10/08 11:35:30 PM): ur serious?
    sweet_jay83 (02/10/08 11:35:40 PM): about what?
    Decoy (02/10/08 11:35:49 PM): nevermind ur jk w me ha ha
    sweet_jay83 (02/10/08 11:35:57 PM): well I was but I wasnt
    Decoy (02/10/08 11:36:02 PM): oh
    sweet_jay83 (02/10/08 11:36:17 PM): so if I was over here playing with me self befor I went to bed
    sweet_jay83 (02/10/08 11:36:20 PM): you would wanna watch
    sweet_jay83 (02/10/08 11:36:21 PM): ?
    sweet_jay83 (02/10/08 11:36:31 PM): lol
    Think you hate LOL's, LMAO's and ROFL's? Try being a volunteer here for a couple years and you'll understand true LOL hatred.

    Jason Hughes liked to talk sexually to underage females and then attempt to get them to view his Mr. Winky. He hit up eight different decoy profiles with the same stupid garbage each time. While he didn't show up to our first Michigan sting operation, that didn't matter because... well, the Michigan Attorney General's Office rocks. Rocks so hard!

    They went and picked good ol' Jason anyways, and charged him with transmitting himself to what he thought was an underage female. He pled guilty (First smart thing he's ever done, probably) and was sentenced to five years probation, no contact with minors or the internet, community service and RSO status.

    Contributor notes from Silver Jordan
    Jason was one of the \"Phase Two\" arrests from our Detroit, MI sting. He hit up eight different decoys during the sting and who knows how many real children he may have had contact with. His decision to wank on cam for my decoy was enough for law enforcement to pay him a visit. MI was an awesome area to work in, they take these crimes seriously.

    This is our 306th conviction since June of 2004 and our 3rd conviction for 2009 thus far.