• Conviction - strega_num_7 - Sacramento, California

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    File originally posted on 8/16/2007 2:12 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 8/16/2007 2:12 PM PST

    annaangel1993 (08/19/06 11:18:14 PM): so is that ur plane in ur prof?
    strega_num_7 (08/19/06 11:18:21 PM): you live by an airport?
    strega_num_7 (08/19/06 11:18:34 PM): i'll have to show you a few things down there then
    annaangel1993 (08/19/06 11:18:41 PM): cool lol
    strega_num_7 (08/19/06 11:18:45 PM): no it was a plane that i flew
    annaangel1993 (08/19/06 11:18:53 PM): thats so cool
    strega_num_7 (08/19/06 11:19:10 PM): you know i have always wanted to have sex at an airport
    strega_num_7 (08/19/06 11:19:14 PM): lol
    annaangel1993 (08/19/06 11:19:18 PM): lol
    strega_num_7 (08/19/06 11:19:20 PM): :-*
    annaangel1993 (08/19/06 11:19:29 PM): really?
    strega_num_7 (08/19/06 11:19:37 PM): can you get a webcam?
    strega_num_7 (08/19/06 11:19:41 PM): yea i hve
    strega_num_7 (08/19/06 11:20:00 PM): i would love to have sex with you friday night at the airport
    annaangel1993 (08/19/06 11:20:13 PM): how would we get in?
    strega_num_7 (08/19/06 11:20:23 PM): and the give you a bubble bath a message then make love to you again
    strega_num_7 (08/19/06 11:20:31 PM): i am a pilot i can get in
    That makes you wonder about airport security.

    Jonathan Stemen is a scummy fellow indeed. His entire chat is laced with bizarre sexual requests and an aggressive attitude towards his prey. Stemen showed up at our seventh Dateline investigation, the Petaluma sting operation. He didn't enjoy the experience. He came loaded for action too, a large shotgun was also found in his possession when he arrived.

    Stemen was sentenced to nine months jail, three years probation and lifetime sex offender registration. A more detailed run-down of his sentence can be found in the following contributor conviction blurb.

    Contributor notes from Irish Rose
    Jonathan Stemen hit up who he thought was a 13 year old girl on-line and was not shy about making his intentions very clear. He graphically described his sexual intentions. He knew this was wrong and that he could get into big trouble, as evidenced when he stated \"will anyone in your nieghborhood call the cops cause of a car in your drive way?\". Knowing it was wrong did not stop him from asking her to sneak out, asking for the address and directions to her home when he heard she was alone, and even suggesting meeting at a nearby airport, saying \"you know i have always wanted to have sex at an airport\". He seemed to be trying to impress my child persona, by talking about being a pilot, his training for executive security, and by sending a porn image in which he exposed himself.

    When this former Marine sniper drove to Petaluma CA it was not a 13 year old child waiting for him. Law enforcement was watching for his arrival and there was no way they were letting him into the house, so he missed his chance to meet Chris Hansen of Dateline. They did not take any chances after he stated during the chat \"i carry a gun every where i go\". When Jonathan showed up and was placed under arrest, a loaded weapon was found in his vehicle.

    Jonathan Stemen pled guilty and was sentenced to 9 months in jail or 268 days of work release. He has formal probation for 3 years, during which time he is subject to many restrictions such as: no contact with minors under 18 unless accompanied by a probation officer; he cannot reside near schools, parks, daycares or anyplace else minors might congregate; he must submit to a polygraph and search when directed; he must submit DNA samples; he can not travel outside of Sacramento without approval; he can not have a PO Box unless his probation officer has access to it; he must pay restitution and fines; he must get counseling; he must obey all laws and can not possess firearms. He must also register as a Sex Offender and everything that comes with that for the rest of his life.

    Thanks VERY much to the Petaluma Police Department, the Sonoma County Sheriff's Department, the District Attorney and everyone else involved who helped bring this man to justice. And big thanks for their cautious planning that kept everyone involved safe. Thanks also to Cheyenne for a great job verifying.

    This is our 219th conviction since June of 2004 and our 98th conviction for 2007 so far.