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    File originally posted on 12/14/2009 3:23 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 12/14/2009 3:23 PM PST

    producerpaul2001 (1:59:52 PM): hi
    producerpaul2001 (1:59:59 PM): u want too see my cam
    dani_darlin92 (2:00:47 PM): uhh
    dani_darlin92 (2:00:51 PM): well not really lol
    dani_darlin92 (2:00:54 PM): asl?
    producerpaul2001 (2:00:59 PM): mmmmmmmmm lol y not
    producerpaul2001 (2:01:03 PM): 24
    producerpaul2001 (2:01:13 PM): can i excite u
    dani_darlin92 (2:01:13 PM): cuz i don't even know you! lol
    dani_darlin92 (2:01:24 PM): im 13 f riverside where are you from
    producerpaul2001 (2:01:26 PM): not yet
    producerpaul2001 (2:01:36 PM): hollywood
    producerpaul2001 (2:01:44 PM): u have a pic
    dani_darlin92 (2:02:00 PM): no do u
    producerpaul2001 (2:02:04 PM): mmmmmmm your young
    producerpaul2001 (2:02:12 PM): no a cam
    producerpaul2001 (2:02:17 PM): are u horny

    It took nearly four years to legally resolve such a short conversation. Paul Constantinescu was arrested as part of the Riverside, CA sting in early January, 2006, and he was sentenced on December 14, 2009 after pleading guilty, just shy of the 4 year mark. He received 90 days in jail (which has been stayed until February 2010), 36 months probation with a long list of conditions, as well as fines and fees.

    This contributor for this chat was Gordon.

    This is our 490th conviction since June of 2004, our 185th conviction for 2009, and our 123rd conviction in California thus far.