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    File originally posted on 5/12/2009 12:19 AM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 5/12/2009 12:19 AM PST

    notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 11:54:05 AM): i can play the theme from the Titanic movie too and some gospel
    jensbirdss (12/27/06 11:54:20 AM): awsome u must b good
    notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 11:54:33 AM): well, I'm decent at least, good is an opinion, lol
    notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 11:54:40 AM): you can let me know when I play something for you
    jensbirdss (12/27/06 11:54:52 AM): cool
    notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 11:55:19 AM): what would you like for me to play for you?
    jensbirdss (12/27/06 11:55:33 AM): anythin is cool
    notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 11:55:42 AM): ok
    notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 11:55:53 AM): when you want me to play for you? ;)
    jensbirdss (12/27/06 11:56:28 AM): i gues wenever
    notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 11:56:41 AM): ok
    jensbirdss (12/27/06 11:57:10 AM): u dont have a pic?
    notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 11:57:34 AM): i can find one for you though, give me a sec
    jensbirdss (12/27/06 11:57:41 AM): k
    notjustanotherncguy (12/27/06 12:00:42 PM): i have a good one but I'm holding my niece, is that ok?
    Considering that you were an RSO when the photo was taken, no, not okay.

    Christopher Lord was hitting up as many potential kids as possible. He hit up our decoy, he hit up a police decoy, he was desperate to re-offend. Serial, obsessive predator? This guy is the textbook example of one.

    Lord was sentenced to 235 months in federal prison after all of the chats were held against him. He won't be getting out of jail for nearly 20 years, which is a very good thing for the children of North Carolina. An entire generation that won't have to fear this piece of garbage.

    Contributor notes from Irish Rose
    Christopher Lynn Lord is another predator of the type that I consider every parent's worst nightmare. He is a smooth talker, manipulative, able to sound non-threatening and like the nicest guy. Even his picture portrays him as a young-looking, clean-cut, harmless guy, complete with a baby on his knee. Before he even contacted my decoy persona, he had checked out her profiles, and was prepared with interests that he could say he had in common with the \"child\". He used these interests as an opening to encourage meeting, working in the sex talk while cautiously watching for her reactions to be sure he was not moving too fast. He moved fast for a groomer, pushing to meet the \"child\" as soon as possible. He fits the classic definition of groomer, and I believe that he could easily convince even a wary child that he is a \"good guy\".

    My impression while chatting with Lord was that he was experienced at this grooming, knew all the techniques, and was frighteningly good at it. My first impressions proved true after I learned his history. Lord was already a Registered Sex Offender, and was on probation at the time he contacted my minor persona. It turned out that he was chatting with a long list of minors. I was very dismayed to learn that one of the IP addresses from which he was chatting with me was traced to the home of a real minor. There were also at least two minors he was chatting with who were actually law enforcement. I was working with an Information First department in North Carolina, and they were working out what to do about Lord. Lord mysteriously dropped contact with my decoy, and I found out why when our IF contact called me to report that Lord had been arrested when attempting to meet another \"child\" that day.

    On the same day that he was pushing to meet my decoy persona, he planned to meet another child. Actually he intended to meet two other children, since his arrangements were to meet the law enforcement decoy and her friend. That's right, he planned on meeting THREE minors on the SAME day. In the chat, where he discusses an appointment in Raleigh on that day, that was actually his plan to meet these other \"children\". Captain Lester of the UNCG Police Department has my gratitude and respect for making this arrest. He took care of someone I consider to be dangerous, and also proactively investigated to search for other potential victims. Captain Lester contacted me when he was informed that Lord was also chatting with me, and asked for our evidence in support of his case. It turned out Lord was also chatting at the same time with another detective from Buncombe County.

    Captain Lester told me that when faced with all of this evidence, Lord and his attorney decided to plead guilty. He also told me that the contribution of our evidence, along with that of the other detective, was extremely helpful and well received by the U.S. Attorney. Christopher Lynn Lord was charged federally with \"Taking indecent liberties with a child by using a facility of interstate commerce\" and sentenced to 235 months imprisonment and 25 years of supervised release.

    This is our 321st conviction since June of 2004, our 18th conviction for 2009, and our 2nd conviction in North Carolina thus far.