• Conviction - Printo316 - Riverview, Florida

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    File originally posted on 4/30/2007 5:51 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 4/30/2007 5:51 PM PST

    Printo316 [11:11 PM]: Wow. Dude. That is soooooo close.
    Alvin N Hobbes91 [11:11 PM]: ;)
    Printo316 [11:11 PM]: I wish I knew you when I was down there last week!!
    Alvin N Hobbes91 [11:12 PM]: u kno me now
    Printo316 [11:12 PM]: Not even 4 miles away!
    Printo316 [11:12 PM]: Are you gonna j/o tonight too?
    Alvin N Hobbes91 [11:12 PM]: yea prolly
    Alvin N Hobbes91 [11:12 PM]: ha!
    Printo316 [11:12 PM]: What time?
    Alvin N Hobbes91 [11:12 PM]: dono
    Alvin N Hobbes91 [11:12 PM]: y?
    Printo316 [11:13 PM]: Cause I wanna do it the same time as you cause that would be hot.
    Printo316 [11:13 PM]: And when you j/o, I hope you will think of me!!
    They always start out so hopeful.

    Convictions are still rolling in from arrests done last year. This one comes from the Fort Myers, Florida TCAP sting operation. Daniel Trust showed up, got grilled by Hansen and then nuked by the Florida courts. He thought he would be meeting an underage kid for sex and now he will spend a long time remembering why you don't try to do that sort of thing.

    Daniel received nine months in Lee County Jail, three years probation, registered sex offender status and the always stinging \"court costs.\" We're happy with the sentence and we trust that ol' Daniel will hopefully be rehabilitated by this experience. If not, we'll catch him again and he can go back to jail. Fun.

    Notes from the Contributor, Seth Roberts
    This conviction was a long time coming, but, ultimately, very satisfying.

    Daniel was the single-most boring-yet-needy Perv I've ever encounted.

    He demanded many phone calls, but was too cheap to bring even condoms to the meet-up.

    I would like expecially thank the PeeJ Administrative Staff and the many forum volunteers who contributed to the overall illusion of my character's \"real online presence.\"

    My heartfelt love and respect to Samuel Adams, who so kindly spent too much time playing the voice\" of my character, \"Chip.\"

    This is our 179th conviction since June of 2004 and our 58th conviction for 2007 so far.