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    Report made 11/9/2009 10:02 PM PST

    cutechillicotheguy (10/23/07 10:49:01 PM): wat would u say if i was there with u and i asked u for a kiss......and be totally honest
    13 year old girl (10/23/07 10:49:09 PM): i would say ok
    cutechillicotheguy (10/23/07 10:49:45 PM): so then u really wanna kiss......thats sweet
    13 year old girl (10/23/07 10:49:56 PM): lol ty
    cutechillicotheguy (10/23/07 10:50:44 PM): so do u really wanna kiss me.....plz be honest sam
    13 year old girl (10/23/07 10:50:59 PM): yah
    cutechillicotheguy (10/23/07 10:51:39 PM): really ur not foolin
    13 year old girl (10/23/07 10:51:55 PM): not foolin
    cutechillicotheguy (10/23/07 10:53:22 PM): dayum, i wish i was either there or that underage law be a problem cause i would like to kiss u too
    13 year old girl (10/23/07 10:53:30 PM): u r so sweet
    13 year old girl (10/23/07 10:53:36 PM): i wish u was here too
    cutechillicotheguy (10/23/07 10:54:00 PM): i would hold u in my arms and lightly kiss ur lips and neck
    13 year old girl (10/23/07 10:54:11 PM): thats so sweet i bet u r a good kisser
    cutechillicotheguy (10/23/07 10:54:21 PM): i have been toldd i am
    13 year old girl (10/23/07 10:54:27 PM): sigh
    cutechillicotheguy (10/23/07 10:54:48 PM): so u said ur 5ft 1 right
    13 year old girl (10/23/07 10:55:05 PM): yah
    cutechillicotheguy (10/23/07 10:55:25 PM): wow ur in the height range i find to be totally sexy
    13 year old girl (10/23/07 10:55:32 PM): u serious?
    cutechillicotheguy (10/23/07 10:55:35 PM): yes
    13 year old girl (10/23/07 10:55:41 PM): that is sooo kool
    cutechillicotheguy (10/23/07 10:55:56 PM): girls 5ft to 5ft 5 r just so totally sexy looking
    How very... specific. It must suck to be a 5'6\" woman in the world, being denied a catch like this.

    William Bret Oliver was arrested back in 2007 as part of an IF agreement in Ohio, and it took a little while to work its way through the system. Oliver eventually pled guilty to \"unlawful sexual contact with a minor.\" He was sentenced to six months in prison and three years probation with the usual restrictions.

    Contributor notes from Ripley
    Sorry Bret, but I lied, there were cops there to meet you, give you some silver bracelets, and take you to a little room with bars.

    When talking to these predators, you almost wonder if they go by some kind of script. There are always the usual questions, Are you a virgin? Hows far have you gone? What is your bra size? Do you shave? Do you spit or swallow? Have you ever kissed a girl? Would you kiss a girl? and the list goes on and on.

    William Bret Oliver was no exception. He took his time gaining my persona's trust, slowly moving onto all those questions and more. He adapted his language to match my persona's, he sent her little roses in the chat log, he always called her \" baby gurl\" or \" my gurl\" and if you read his whole chat you will see just how he progresses until he shows his true self, wanting her to wear thongs, give him lap dances, and ultimately her virginity.

    Bret is spending 6 months in the Madision Correctional Institute and will be on parole for 3 years. He also has to register as a sex offender.

    Thanks to the fine officers of Jackson County for taking him off the streets.

    This is our 402nd conviction since June of 2004, our 98th conviction for 2009, and our 24th conviction in Ohio thus far.