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    File originally posted on 8/10/2010 12:36 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 8/10/2010 12:36 PM PST

    m0g21sk (08/21/07 11:10:39 PM): just looking at a site a friend of mine sent me. she though i would like it
    Decoy (08/21/07 11:10:48 PM): wat is it?
    m0g21sk (08/21/07 11:11:37 PM): its called the female orgasm
    Decoy (08/21/07 11:11:49 PM): ohhh
    m0g21sk (08/21/07 11:12:05 PM): show short vids of women getting off
    Decoy (08/21/07 11:12:38 PM): rely?
    m0g21sk (08/21/07 11:12:55 PM): her and i dated years ago when we were in high school and have stayed close friends
    m0g21sk (08/21/07 11:13:00 PM): ya
    Decoy (08/21/07 11:13:07 PM): thats kewl
    m0g21sk (08/21/07 11:13:22 PM): well we were actually fuck buddies i guess
    m0g21sk (08/21/07 11:13:23 PM): lol
    Decoy (08/21/07 11:13:31 PM): lolz
    m0g21sk (08/21/07 11:13:34 PM): you want the link
    Decoy (08/21/07 11:13:51 PM): i dunno if it wud open they hav a block on here 4 sum stuf
    m0g21sk (08/21/07 11:13:58 PM): your parents
    Decoy (08/21/07 11:14:06 PM): ya
    m0g21sk (08/21/07 11:14:17 PM): *edit porn link*
    Decoy (08/21/07 11:14:46 PM): blockd
    m0g21sk (08/21/07 11:15:11 PM): ok
    m0g21sk (08/21/07 11:15:32 PM): what fun is that
    Decoy (08/21/07 11:15:46 PM): ya i kno
    m0g21sk (08/21/07 11:16:05 PM): can't even get off from the computer
    m0g21sk (08/21/07 11:16:06 PM): lol
    Decoy (08/21/07 11:16:38 PM): thats so fake neway
    m0g21sk (08/21/07 11:17:04 PM): no i mean you can't even get off
    Decoy (08/21/07 11:17:21 PM): huh?
    m0g21sk (08/21/07 11:17:27 PM): nothing
    Decoy (08/21/07 11:17:39 PM): ok
    m0g21sk (08/21/07 11:17:53 PM): i said because your parents blocked that stuff you can't even look at porn to get yourself off
    What a tragedy, right?

    Michael McNany didn't show up at our Twiggs County, GA sting operation, but that didn't help him out any. By the time he decided not to come, he had already sent porn to what he thought was a minor and attempted to lure her for sexual purposes. So McNany didn't need to show up anywhere to be arrested, as he had already broken the law from his own home.

    The former Marine now gets the big prize of being a registered sex offender and his log on our main page. Hopefully he's figured out now that there's more to life than looking up porn on the internet and trying to lure kids to be sexually abused by him.

    Contributor notes from Silver Jordan
    Michael McNany was a Master Sergeant in the Marines. He was 33 at the time he decided to chat up a 15 year old on the internet. He lived near Albany, and he was not on the sex offenders registry. At least two of those things have changed by now. He's not 33 any more, and he IS on the sex offender's registry.

    I chatted with Michael for our Twiggs County, Georgia group bust, but Micheal didn't show up at the house. Michael was, as you will see when you read his chat, very cognizant of the difference in ages between himself and a 15 year old child. Even still it did not deter Michael from sexually chatting up a minor and sending her links to pornography, and just because he didn't drive to meet at our bust house, that did not deter Major Faulk with the Twiggs County Sheriff's Department from busting him!

    Sadly, Master Sergeant McNany did not do some hard time, but he did earn a ticket to get his picture taken for the Georgia Sex Offenders Registry. I would like to thank Major Faulk, the Twiggs County Sheriff's Department and all of the fine men and women that helped facilitate his arrest and prosecution. Michael Joseph McNany is one more bad man exposed for the people of Georgia, and indeed the rest of all of us to see. And maybe, just maybe some innocent children have been spared his deviant and disgusting fetish.

    You're one serious asshole Mike McNany.

    This is our 513th conviction since June of 2004 and our 13th conviction for 2010.