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    File originally posted on 10/24/2009 1:31 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 10/24/2009 1:31 PM PST

    steamerboyddc1 (03/08/08 2:14:45 PM): If I did come over it'd be just to talk. I don't wanna go to jail
    jetpacksidekick (03/08/08 2:16:56 PM): oh last time u could do stuff
    steamerboyddc1 (03/08/08 2:17:28 PM): I really want to. Just afraid to
    jetpacksidekick (03/08/08 2:18:56 PM): i wont tell then my coach finds out and i get kicked off the team
    steamerboyddc1 (03/08/08 2:20:51 PM): I'm more afraid of jail than getting kicked off the team
    steamerboyddc1 (03/08/08 2:21:21 PM): you might not tell, neighbors or someone else might
    jetpacksidekick (03/08/08 2:21:40 PM): how?
    steamerboyddc1 (03/08/08 2:21:57 PM): what if they seen me there?
    jetpacksidekick (03/08/08 2:22:18 PM): no one talks here is new sub and we moved here at christmas
    steamerboyddc1 (03/08/08 2:22:46 PM): I'm sure your dad has someone keep an eye on you
    steamerboyddc1 (03/08/08 2:23:23 PM): heck, you could be a sting by the cops
    jetpacksidekick (03/08/08 2:23:44 PM): not a cop
    jetpacksidekick (03/08/08 2:23:58 PM): u hear me on the fone
    steamerboyddc1 (03/08/08 2:24:08 PM): true
    Not true!

    Richard William Shaw was given a jail sentence that could vary between 18 months and 20 years and again, we hope the sentence leans towards the longer end. Either way, he will remain on the registered sex offender list, and hopefully he will never again be able to attempt to molest a child. Shaw was arrested as part of our first sting with the Michigan AG's office, and we are happy to see another Michigan predator off the streets.

    Contributor notes from Jay Alternative
    Round three for me and my convictions with children. How can a man have sexual interest in a kid who is almost the same age as his own? Welcome Richard to Michigan's Department of Corrections. Richard was running late and closed out the Van Buren Township, Michigan sting house last March. He was running late because he had visitation with his 12 year old son and had to get him back to the boys mother.

    Richard pretty much turned on a dime from getting home to jumping in his car for this expected sexual encounter with my character 13 year old Luke. The sting house was closing that Sunday. It was getting late and I was moments away from calling it a night when Richard signed on. I'm very glad that we did all hang in there for next time Richard might have actually found a real child.

    Great work to my verifier Misha!

    Also again, many kudos to the Wayne County Sheriff's Department and all the folks at our Attorney General, Mike Cox's office.

    This is our 332nd conviction since June of 2004, our 29th conviction for 2009, and our 18th conviction in Michigan thus far.