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    craigtraylor (08/24/06 12:16:26 AM): not many guy friends?
    jaffacree93 (08/24/06 12:16:33 AM): a few
    jaffacree93 (08/24/06 12:16:39 AM): but im 2 scurred to have them find out
    craigtraylor (08/24/06 12:17:42 AM): get one of them one on one. if you have a beer or two to share withthem. don't tell them your gay just watch some porn or something alone with them
    jaffacree93 (08/24/06 12:17:50 AM): o ya/
    jaffacree93 (08/24/06 12:17:56 AM): lol how i get beer?
    craigtraylor (08/24/06 12:18:05 AM): well you don't need beer
    jaffacree93 (08/24/06 12:18:07 AM): well i spose i could stela some
    jaffacree93 (08/24/06 12:18:12 AM): from my mom lol
    craigtraylor (08/24/06 12:18:17 AM): there ya go
    craigtraylor (08/24/06 12:18:33 AM): watch some porn after one or two
    craigtraylor (08/24/06 12:18:41 AM): tell him you need to jerk off
    craigtraylor (08/24/06 12:18:53 AM): cover your self with a blanket give him one
    craigtraylor (08/24/06 12:18:59 AM): them SHIT happens
    craigtraylor (08/24/06 12:19:00 AM): lol
    craigtraylor (08/24/06 12:19:10 AM): that is how the boys your age i know do ti
    craigtraylor (08/24/06 12:19:11 AM): it
    craigtraylor (08/24/06 12:19:27 AM): that way NO one is gay. its just a thing
    jaffacree93 (08/24/06 12:19:44 AM): really
    jaffacree93 (08/24/06 12:19:46 AM): that work?
    jaffacree93 (08/24/06 12:19:51 AM): have u done that be4/
    craigtraylor (08/24/06 12:19:51 AM): ya
    craigtraylor (08/24/06 12:20:16 AM): ya but much older and with sgraight guys i liked
    craigtraylor (08/24/06 12:20:21 AM): always works
    jaffacree93 (08/24/06 12:20:32 AM): lol ok
    craigtraylor (08/24/06 12:20:33 AM): just never talk about it
    jaffacree93 (08/24/06 12:20:38 AM): i dont have porn tho
    jaffacree93 (08/24/06 12:20:39 AM): none
    craigtraylor (08/24/06 12:20:58 AM): if it works just wait and ask the person if they want to hang out again.
    craigtraylor (08/24/06 12:21:02 AM): if they say yes
    craigtraylor (08/24/06 12:21:13 AM): you got it if no no problem he won't tell
    craigtraylor (08/24/06 12:21:30 AM): down load it off the net
    jaffacree93 (08/24/06 12:21:32 AM): kewl
    craigtraylor (08/24/06 12:21:43 AM): get him in your room
    craigtraylor (08/24/06 12:21:51 AM): have one or tow beer
    craigtraylor (08/24/06 12:22:01 AM): tell him HEY look here what i found
    craigtraylor (08/24/06 12:22:06 AM): put on porn
    craigtraylor (08/24/06 12:22:23 AM): that way when you jerk you side by side
    jaffacree93 (08/24/06 12:22:26 AM): IC
    jaffacree93 (08/24/06 12:22:34 AM): intrsting :)
    jaffacree93 (08/24/06 12:22:36 AM): than u
    craigtraylor (08/24/06 12:23:07 AM): Just act like is is totaly natural to you. Get up grap a blanket or towl throw him one
    craigtraylor (08/24/06 12:23:22 AM): set down cover yourself and jerk
    jaffacree93 (08/24/06 12:23:32 AM): id be so nervous tho lol
    craigtraylor (08/24/06 12:23:33 AM): he will either think your crazy or hot
    craigtraylor (08/24/06 12:24:08 AM): if he freeks just say What you don't masterbate?
    craigtraylor (08/24/06 12:24:23 AM): if youhaven't thouched him yet eh can't say your gay.
    Uh, for many reasons, I don't think James Traylor would make a good participant for the excellent \"it gets better\" series of videos.

    James Craig Traylor was arrested as part of the summer 2006 sting in Sonoma County/Petaluma, California sting. We love the police and district attorneys in Sonoma County, they did a fantastic job of bringing many predators to justice. Traylor was one of the last cases to get convicted in Sonoma County, and there were many continuances along the road to a trial. However, shortly before a trial was scheduled to start, he ended up pleading guilty. It only took approximately 4 years!

    He plead guilty to a charge of attempted annoy/molestation of a child under 18 years old. He received probation and 15 days in jail. He had to register as a sex offender and obey the usual terms that come with that, including not being able to be in contact with minors and having to submit to searches.

    The contributor for this chat was Don Pedro.

    This is our 527th conviction since June of 2004 and our 27th conviction for 2010.