• Conviction - meatrocket8 - Findlay, Ohio

    - Chatlog Conviction -
    File originally posted on 11/29/2006 4:54 AM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 11/29/2006 5:05 AM PST

    bushsucksgrrl (3:33:16 PM): i know ur game
    meatrocket8 (3:33:25 PM): what is my game?
    meatrocket8 (3:33:29 PM): because I don't even know it
    bushsucksgrrl (3:33:34 PM): lol your like one of those online phreaks
    meatrocket8 (3:33:39 PM): nope
    meatrocket8 (3:33:40 PM): try again
    meatrocket8 (3:33:52 PM): here
    meatrocket8 (3:33:54 PM): look at my face
    meatrocket8 (3:33:57 PM): do I look like a freak?
    bushsucksgrrl (3:34:10 PM): lol u look lika serial killer
    meatrocket8 (3:34:15 PM): 8-|
    meatrocket8 (3:34:25 PM): ok, i think I"m done getting beat up

    And that was the start of the chat!

    A few people have said throughout the years that we wouldn't get predators if we acted completely disintereted, y'know, "like a real teen would" (Except that this is a shallow assumption that real teens are all disinterested)... well, to those few idiots, I say "Jay Reffner." Have a read of Reffner's chat-log and you'll see a man who was determined to go for the distinterested girl with so-called "charm" rather than the interested decoy profile.

    Reffner will be sentenced December 20th (Media reported him as sentenced already, media was incorrect).

    Notes from the Contributor, Xavier Von Erck
    Hey, that's me. Anyways, beyond all the neat stuff I wrote regarding how this log is a great example that playing a disinterested kid will still attract online predators, Reffner's log really illustrates that many predators are far more interested in the kid that seems unobtainable.

    His technique in the log is self-depreciating humor in an attempt to win over my decoy profile with some sort of twisted charm. Even when he goes into the butterflies garbage, it's all in order to make me feel secure and to prove he isn't some "online phreak." Of course, he was.

    I'm very pleased with the conviction of Reffner, he was actually one of the very first chat-logs I performed myself. A lot of what I was doing in that log was outside of the usual chats we have, thankfully chats like this and other "outside of the box" chat-logs other contributors have done illustrate the important need to play ALL types of kids, not just the snow-white barbie doll kid with no intelligence.

    Thanks to Detective Mike Burns and all his compadres in Darke County, from prosecutors to take-down police. Great job in making this a very successful sting operation.

    This is our 105th conviction since June of 2004 and our 65th conviction for the year 2006 thus far.