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    File originally posted on 12/25/2007 11:38 AM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 12/25/2007 11:38 AM PST

    augustadude2004 (07/31/06 1:04:31 PM):you should be loved
    augustadude2004 (07/31/06 1:05:58 PM):i think about you a lot
    evyfresh93 (07/31/06 1:06:17 PM): im causin u trouble like everyone else tho
    augustadude2004 (07/31/06 1:06:39 PM):u haven't caused me any trouble
    augustadude2004 (07/31/06 1:06:54 PM):what do u mean by like everyone else
    evyfresh93 (07/31/06 1:07:23 PM): im always in evryones way
    augustadude2004 (07/31/06 1:07:36 PM):that is sad
    evyfresh93 (07/31/06 1:07:53 PM): i wish i was older
    augustadude2004 (07/31/06 1:08:00 PM):i can't imagine anyone feeling that way about you
    augustadude2004 (07/31/06 1:08:04 PM):i do too
    evyfresh93 (07/31/06 1:08:28 PM): u what?
    augustadude2004 (07/31/06 1:08:47 PM):i with you was older too
    evyfresh93 (07/31/06 1:09:06 PM): yeah
    augustadude2004 (07/31/06 1:09:41 PM):i sometimes hear about some guy that met a young girl on the internet and when he shows up to meet her there is no girl..just cops :(
    evyfresh93 (07/31/06 1:10:12 PM): i saw that on tv
    augustadude2004 (07/31/06 1:10:19 PM):yeah
    evyfresh93 (07/31/06 1:10:48 PM): those were weird guys
    augustadude2004 (07/31/06 1:11:03 PM):probably

    No Mike, that would be a definitely.

    Michael Dow was a University of Maine employee who well, used his employers resources in a way that the college probably had never anticipated. Dow, married, would go to work and chat up our decoy ad naseum. Not exactly a proper use of work resources. Dow would eventually arrive and show up... while he wasn't on TV, he did get to meet some cops.

    Dow was sentenced to ninety days jail and a year of sex offender probation. Yeah, pretty weak, really. Again, it's our job to put together the prosecutable cases, sentencing is up to the criminal justice system. Let's hope Dow will focus on work the next time he has a job.

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    Contributor notes from Tira Misu
    My 13 year old persona was hit up by augustadude2004 (aka 38 year old Michael Dow) in a Maine chat room in July 2006. It took him less than an hour to solicit my persona for sex. He wasn't shy in the least about his plan to rent a hotel room and his intentions with this child when they got there. He was the typical groomer, trying to convince a very confused 13 year old that he loved her and he continued his charade to the very end. Unfortunately for him the charade didn't work out the way he had planned. He got his date....but not with a child; with the police.

    I would like to thank Xavier, Max, Slim and Mac for all there support during my training and throughout the chats. I couldn't have emotionally survived it otherwise.

    I would also like to thank Detective Stepnick and the South Portland Police Department for all their help and professionalism throughout the process.

    This is our 258th conviction since June of 2004 and our 137th conviction for 2007 so far.