• Conviction - juggalo4lifesuckas - Sheybogan, Wisconsin

    - Chatlog Conviction -
    File originally posted on 4/27/2005 9:57 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 6/29/2005 11:37 AM PST

    Today makes our third conviction in three days, with Erin (Aaron) Wield's plea of guilty to a charge of \"Attempting to cause child 13-18 to view or listen to Sexual Activity.\" This caps off the most serious charge Wield has faced in his life, as he has a long list of other crimes he has committed.

    Statistics: This marks our sixth conviction in June 2005, our twentieth conviction since June 2004 and a new stat for everyone, our 14th conviction since January 1st, 2005... an average of over two a month. This is also the 17th different state that we have gotten a conviction in, over the last year.

    Wield did not have to wait long before being arrested. Police executed a search warrant on Wield very quickly after the chat was posted on the website. Wield was then taken into custody shortly before Mother's day. Thanks to all in FU who worked on this case, as your help was once again, invaluable.

    Notes from Teddy Graham
    I was in a Wisconsin Chat room when Erin (juggalo4lifesuckas) messaged \"13 year old Suzie\". It didn't take Erin long to get sexual. It didn't take Erin long to get on his webcam and show his genitals, then masturbate (several time).. The best part is, it didn't take Erin long to plead Guilty/No Contest.

    I would like to thank the following people for their wonderful help, support and guidance with my first conviction: MBNH31782 (Perverted-Justice Verifier), Joe DeCecco (Sheboygan County DA) and Dione Knop (Victim/Witness Coordinator). I would also like to thank everyone at Perverted-Justice for training me to be a website contributor, Thank You!!

    Hopefully this and all the other convictions PJ has and will continue to get, will help continue to show predators we mean what we say: \"As Long As Our Children Aren't Safe From Predators... Predators Aren't Safe From US.\"

    Echoing Teddy, we would like to officially extend site kudos to the Sheboygan County DA and law enforcement for jumping on this case so quickly after it was posted. Their reaction was as pro-active as it gets.

    Lastly, if Erin (aka Aaron) Wield's family is reading this, we hope you take a serious look at your relative. His long litany of crimes is no coincidence. His masturbation session while solicitating what he thought was a child is nothing to live in denial about. Once Wield serves whatever sentence he is going to receive in September, we urge you to ensure that he gets some mental health help. He obviously has some severe mental problems.

    As stated, sentencing is in September, so we will update this file then with whatever punishment Wield is sentenced to receive.