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    File originally posted on 9/9/2008 8:22 AM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 9/9/2008 8:22 AM PST

    bigdaddy68iou1 (07/11/07 9:18:28 PM): anything u ever wanted to try?
    14 year old girl (07/11/07 9:18:55 PM): well the thing we just talked about lol
    bigdaddy68iou1 (07/11/07 9:19:08 PM): nothing else
    14 year old girl (07/11/07 9:19:31 PM): well idk i think about lots of stuff lol but im not sure wat i wanna do
    14 year old girl (07/11/07 9:19:35 PM): wat do u wanna do?
    bigdaddy68iou1 (07/11/07 9:19:48 PM): lots of stuff like???
    bigdaddy68iou1 (07/11/07 9:20:05 PM): whatever u wanna try iam up for
    14 year old girl (07/11/07 9:20:21 PM): well wat kind of stuff do u wanna do?
    bigdaddy68iou1 (07/11/07 9:20:35 PM): i love giving oral
    14 year old girl (07/11/07 9:20:57 PM): i think thats kool i rlly think i woudl like that lol
    bigdaddy68iou1 (07/11/07 9:21:37 PM): get u knaked and have u kneel down and let the licking begin
    14 year old girl (07/11/07 9:21:49 PM): wow
    bigdaddy68iou1 (07/11/07 9:22:05 PM): u ever cumed
    14 year old girl (07/11/07 9:22:14 PM): i dont think so
    14 year old girl (07/11/07 9:22:28 PM): my old bf used to touch me n stuff but it wasnt like it was wonderful
    bigdaddy68iou1 (07/11/07 9:22:37 PM): oh u will if iam there atleast3-5 times

    Ah, the internet. We try to remember to love the information superhighway, just wish it wasn't so full of trash.

    Ted Longstaff, which as noted is actually his name, was arrested over in Filer, Idaho. The divorced Longstaff actually did manage to attract a wife at some point, though how, we'll never actually know. Needless to say, Mr. Longstaff is long on idiocy and very short on charm.

    Of course, while it's fun to mock a person like this, one must remember that he is a dangerous individual. He not only arrived to molest a young girl, he even brought a friend along to help out with the rape. He is a good example of the dangers posed by males online.

    Contributor notes from Ripley
    When I first met Ted, I thought he was just a talker. He kept telling my persona that she was too young, and for some naive reason I thought he meant it. I sort of blew him off but he kept coming back. I think the longest amount of time that passed without chatting was almost two weeks.I think about that sometimes, if he had just stuck by his own words, then he would not have been arrested. Instead, he chose to follow whatever perverted desire that was in his mind and came to meet a 14 year old girl.

    Ted showed up with a friend. He had asked my persona if she had a friend for his 20 year old friend, and when she didn't he brought along his friend anyways. I think that is a scary thing. I am just glad that he ran into a PeeJ contributor instead of a real child.

    Ted and his friend were arrested by the Filer, Idaho police. Since the friend never actually chatted with me, he was free to go, but I hope he learned a lesson about meeting with teenage girls. Ted received a suspended sentence but will be on probation and he will be registered as a sex offender.

    Many thanks to Cliff Johnson and Bill Deetz for their hard work on this case, along with Julie Sturgill for prosecuting this person. You guys have made Idaho safer.

    Special thanks to Amcats for her terrific job verifying, without her, the arrest would not have went nearly as smooth as it did.

    This is our 294th conviction since June of 2004 and our 33rd conviction for 2008 thus far.