• Conviction - SpecialGuy29 - Falls Church, Virginia

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    File originally posted on 11/4/2005 3:29 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 6/12/2006 4:03 PM PST

    SpecialGuy29 [4:07 PM]: You are so FUCKIN HOT bro.
    SpecialGuy29 [4:07 PM]: Can it be just US 2.?
    SpecialGuy29 [4:07 PM]: Just for now.?
    SpecialGuy29 [4:08 PM]: Where's your Mom.?
    SpecialGuy29 [4:08 PM]: I would LOVE to hangout with you Brandon.

    Who said these guys couldn't be arrested?

    John Kennelly aka \"Naked Guy from Dateline 2\" was arrested for showing up to meet our fictitious minor twice during the Dateline 2: Virginia sting. Viewers will remember him as the \"naked guy\" who then showed up at a McDonalds prompting the classic Chris Hansen quote regarding the many years he's been in media never not knowing what to say.

    After much wrangling, Kennelly was arrested by Fairfax County and charged by the commonwealth for using a computer to solicit a minor, which is a class 5 felony. It can carry up to ten years. Kennelly's plea did not include a sentencing suggestion or guideline, it will be up to the judge how long he spends in jail.

    Notes from the Contributor, Jay Alternative
    Patience is a true virtue. First, the long awaited arrest of former Rabbi David Kay from Dateline 2, now the conviction of John Kennelly, AOL Specialguy29 from the same segment. Kennelly was scheduled for trail by jury next week however this morning changed his plea to guilty on the original charge of a class five felony using a computer to solicit a minor. Sentencing to commence in September.

    As most recall, Kennelly was the individual who shocked the nation by entering the Fairfax County home naked. Then, to my dismay, he appeared online under the SAME screen name the very next day. Just on chance, I began a conversation as a 14 year old male to see his reaction. Again, beyond anyone's comprehension, he agreed to meet less than 15 hours after his first interlude with Dateline. As you read the conversation between Kennelly and my character during the second bust chat log, you will see a very disturbing crazed perversion spiral as the meeting place is finalized. To this day, I still am at a loss for words for the emotional roller coaster all who were involved went through during his busts.

    Special thanks to Marc Birnbaum, Fairfax, Virginia Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney and Detective Craig Paul of Fairfax County for their diligence on bringing Kennelly to justice. And of course, the awesome PJ team!

    This is our 61st conviction since June of 2004 and our 21st conviction for the year 2006 thus far. This is the third conviction stemming from the work we did with Dateline NBC in Virginia. Overall, this is our 9th conviction in the state of Virginia. This is Jay Alternative's eighth conviction since coming aboard as staff.

    We worked hard and faced some hurdles in getting some of the Virginia busts arrested, we're glad to see the most preferred resolution possible to this infamous individual.