• Conviction - greg_lovette33 - Vacaville, California

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    File originally posted on 5/24/2009 5:39 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 5/24/2009 5:39 PM PST

    anniebananie72 (05/04/08 10:32:12 PM): my parents split up again
    greg_lovette33 (05/04/08 10:32:58 PM): k
    anniebananie72 (05/04/08 10:33:24 PM): my bro stayd with my dad
    anniebananie72 (05/04/08 10:35:45 PM): sorry dont want 2 complain
    anniebananie72 (05/04/08 10:38:10 PM): im boring u now arnt i?
    greg_lovette33 (05/04/08 10:38:46 PM): well yea
    anniebananie72 (05/04/08 10:39:10 PM): sorry what do u want 2 talk about?
    greg_lovette33 (05/04/08 10:40:10 PM): getting together
    anniebananie72 (05/04/08 10:40:22 PM): :)
    anniebananie72 (05/04/08 10:40:48 PM): i counted my money and i have 123 dollars
    greg_lovette33 (05/04/08 10:41:05 PM): u can take amtrack
    anniebananie72 (05/04/08 10:41:22 PM): do u no how much it cost?
    greg_lovette33 (05/04/08 10:42:11 PM): hold i'll find out where u coming from
    anniebananie72 (05/04/08 10:42:47 PM): santa cruz
    greg_lovette33 (05/04/08 10:42:59 PM): ok hold on
    greg_lovette33 (05/04/08 10:47:16 PM): 27.00 one way
    anniebananie72 (05/04/08 10:47:37 PM): omg kool!
    anniebananie72 (05/04/08 10:48:29 PM): is that on a train?
    greg_lovette33 (05/04/08 10:49:20 PM): bus from san cru. to san jose train to suisun city
    anniebananie72 (05/04/08 10:50:05 PM): ok i never went on a train b4 alone
    greg_lovette33 (05/04/08 10:50:09 PM): 10:30am u get here by 2:33pm
    greg_lovette33 (05/04/08 10:50:21 PM): can u do it
    anniebananie72 (05/04/08 10:50:42 PM): yea of corse! i just never did b4 :)
    greg_lovette33 (05/04/08 10:50:58 PM): its fun u can eat on the train
    Internet predators, not the most caring of conversations, obviously.

    Greg Lovette won't win any points for caring about children, but he did win some points in the California courts as an internet predator. Lovette was arrested in Fairfield, California as part of our Information First program we have with police. Lovette was single-minded and obsessive about keeping the conversation about sex.

    Lovette was sentenced to jail in October 2008 and will be released on May 30, 2009. He will have to register as a sex offender and obtain counseling. Hopefully that counseling bears fruit.

    Contributor notes from Guerrero Tortilla
    Gregory Lovette hit up my underage persona on April 21, 2008. As you could see from the chat he is a vile predator concerned with nothing other than his own sexual gratification.

    This was one of the first chats I engaged in as a Junior Contributor and it will be one that I will never forget. His disregard for the well-being of children disgusted me and his disgusting plans sickened me. Even worse was the discovery that he had had similar chats with PJ Contributors in the past.

    This conviction would not have happened without the amazing volunteers in literally every area of Perverted Justice. First and foremost I would like to recognize Content Creators for all of the hard work they did. Their contribution to this conviction can not be understated. And of course I can't leave out Aloe Vera who's verifying was simply flawless.

    Lastly I want to thank Detective Rebecca Belk with the Fairfield PD in California for their dedication to making their community safer.

    This is our 325th conviction since June of 2004, our 22nd conviction for 2009, and our 93rd conviction in California thus far.