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    File originally posted on 8/31/2008 6:49 AM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 8/31/2008 6:49 AM PST

    usta_tennis (03/26/07 7:49:27 PM): rate me 1-10
    usta_tennis (03/26/07 7:49:33 PM): 1 being arrf want_2_b_me13 (03/26/07 7:49:39 PM): llol
    usta_tennis (03/26/07 7:49:45 PM): 10 being I wish I was old enuf to take this hottie
    want_2_b_me13 (03/26/07 7:51:31 PM): take this hottie where?
    usta_tennis (03/26/07 7:51:47 PM): LOL!
    usta_tennis (03/26/07 7:51:57 PM): you are a girl
    usta_tennis (03/26/07 7:52:00 PM): thats sweet
    usta_tennis (03/26/07 7:52:04 PM): O:-)
    want_2_b_me13 (03/26/07 7:52:39 PM): so take this hottie where then?
    usta_tennis (03/26/07 7:52:51 PM): to bed of coourse
    want_2_b_me13 (03/26/07 7:54:43 PM): what u gonna do there?
    usta_tennis (03/26/07 7:54:59 PM): snore
    usta_tennis (03/26/07 7:55:21 PM): I-)
    want_2_b_me13 (03/26/07 7:55:33 PM): boring
    usta_tennis (03/26/07 7:55:43 PM): whatchya wannna know?
    usta_tennis (03/26/07 7:56:23 PM): how does 1 describe making love to a virgin?

    To steal contributor Blue Bonnet's excellent line: He is so \"arrf\" that there are not enough numbers to compute it.

    David Quist thought he was a suave guy. He knew the risks, he simply thought he was smart enough to know the difference between chatting with a real kid and someone posing as one. When he rolled up to our sting operation in Kentucky, he learned otherwise.

    Later, he learned that he'll spend the next 10 years in prison after stupidly choosing to go to trial. Nice job, genius.

    Contributor notes from Blue Bonnet
    usta_tennis (03/26/07 7:43:36 PM): girls should not experience men
    usta_tennis (03/26/07 7:43:57 PM): because they may fall in love or get emotionally involved prematurely
    want_2_b_me13 (03/26/07 7:44:02 PM): how come?
    usta_tennis (03/26/07 7:44:07 PM): confusing sex with love
    usta_tennis (03/26/07 7:44:29 PM): and of course laws involving such things
    usta_tennis (03/26/07 7:44:48 PM): yay for me
    want_2_b_me13 (03/26/07 7:45:03 PM): yay for you?
    usta_tennis (03/26/07 7:45:08 PM): I think I put net teen temtations in a summation in a few lines
    usta_tennis (03/26/07 7:45:16 PM): temptations

    Yes - Yay for David Quist, a 47 year old local Fort Thomas man. He did sum it up nicely. Children should not \"experience men\" in this way. Sadly, David Quist did not heed his own words throughout his entire chat with what he thought was a 13 year old child. He consistantly made remarks that have sexual connotations as well as saying how \"sexy\" and what a \"temptress\" this child was from the very first lines of the chat. He could have walked away from this chat but instead he made a choice. He chose to show up at the doorstep, expecting to meet a minor. Fortunately, in this case, he was met by the police.

    He gave instructions for deleting computer archives and often reminded the minor to delete them. Did he know what he was doing was wrong? Did he know that he would be harming a child? Did he know the laws against having sex with children? By his own words... he knew. Innocent people do not need to worry about deleting their computer archives.

    David Quist was originally offered a plea bargain of 5 years in prison. Instead, he made another choice. He chose to go to trial, where he was convicted by a jury, then sentenced to 10 years in prison as well as five years on probation after he is released from prison. He is required to register as a sexual offender for at least twenty years.

    I would like to say thank you to the entire PJFI team and Pibb who was the fantastic verifier for this case. Also thank you to Attorney General Greg Stumbo, Campbell County Commonwealth Attorney's office, the Kentucky Bureau of Investigation, the Campbell County Police Department, and the Highland Heights Police Department, and Prosecutor Michelle Snodgrass for all of their awesome work.

    This is our 290th conviction since June of 2004 and our 29th conviction for 2008 thus far.