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    freebird_72000 (12:37:38 AM): what would ur parents say bout u talkin to somone as old as me?
    diamondinthe.rough (12:38:01 AM): lol...they probly wouldnt like it
    freebird_72000 (12:38:52 AM): whyd u stop?
    diamondinthe.rough (12:38:57 AM): cam was mking the computer realy slow
    freebird_72000 (12:39:06 AM): k
    freebird_72000 (12:39:35 AM): so u ever had a older guy hit on u ???
    diamondinthe.rough (12:40:07 AM): ya
    diamondinthe.rough (12:40:16 AM): but he was gross
    freebird_72000 (12:40:22 AM): gross
    freebird_72000 (12:40:26 AM): why u say that
    diamondinthe.rough (12:40:29 AM): ya, like old an fat
    freebird_72000 (12:40:35 AM): ohh
    freebird_72000 (12:40:42 AM): well im not fat girl
    freebird_72000 (12:40:46 AM): or old
    diamondinthe.rough (12:40:47 AM): i saw
    freebird_72000 (12:41:21 AM): naww u aint see the six pack or the arms
    diamondinthe.rough (12:41:43 AM): lol
    diamondinthe.rough (12:41:50 AM): you work out?
    freebird_72000 (12:41:56 AM): just work hard
    Yeah, you have to work hard to get a rap sheet as long as yours is, David.

    David Wesley Schumacher is a \"special\" case. He manages to both be comical, in a sad, pathetic way, as well as evil. Schumacher is memorable for his segment on the Fort Myers, Florida Dateline because after his interview, when his face had already been captured on camera for a long period of time, he pulled his red shirt over his face to walk out of the house. It was a hilarious moment, at least as funny as a show about predators can be. However, any laughter at Schumacher's expense begins to fade when you look at his criminal record. Not only did he attempt to rape a child, as documented in our chatlog, but he was arrested for several serious felonies related to an armed robbery after his release on bail - not to mention a significant criminal history prior to showing in Ft. Myers.

    Schumacher was held on $210,000 bond.
    Staff Writer
    Charlotte Sun Herald

    Schumacher charged in connection with near-murder, threats

    22-year-old now faces 12 charges in connection with various alleged crimes

    David Wesley Schumacher was charged Tuesday in connection with a January stabbing -- resulting in possibly the most serious charge of the 12 he has accumulated since November.

    Schumacher, 22, was charged with principal to attempted second-degree murder and armed robbery for his alleged role in the stabbing, as well as one count of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon in connection with another incident.

    According to a Punta Gorda Police Department report, a man was stabbed three times during a robbery at The Pines apartment complex in Punta Gorda on Jan. 4. The victim told police he was sitting at a table in a gazebo inside the complex when two men approached him and demanded his money. He told them he had none, the report said, and one punched him in the face. The two then took his wallet, then one held him while the other stabbed him in the back, the report said. The victim was able to run to a friend's apartment.

    Jacob Evan, 21, was arrested Thursday and charged with attempted second-degree murder and armed robbery in connection with the incident.

    In an interview with police, Schumacher admitted to being with Evan the day of the incident, but denied that a stabbing occurred, the PGPD report said. A witness, however, told police that Schumacher fled to her apartment after the incident looking for a place to hide, the report said.

    Schumacher was also charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon for allegedly waving a two-by-four on a person's lawn Jan. 28 while making threats, a Charlotte County Sheriff's report said.

    Schumacher has been at the Charlotte County Jail since Jan. 29 on charges of tampering with a victim, two counts of battery and four counts of violation of probation (original charges: battery and resisting an officer without violence). On Nov. 22, he was charged with a sex offense against a child between the ages of 12 and 15 and soliciting a child via computer after being caught in an online predator sting in Fort Myers in April 2006. Charges in Lee County were dropped and Schumacher was charged in Charlotte County after it was determined that the alleged crimes would have occurred in Charlotte County.

    For our case, he received 4 years and 7 months in prison.

    The contributor for this chat was Epiphany.

    This is our 421st conviction since June of 2004, our 117th conviction for 2009, and our 28th conviction in Florida thus far.