• Conviction - hunglowilove69 - Orange County, California

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    File originally posted on 10/25/2013 10:02 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 10/25/2013 10:02 PM PST

    hunglowilove69 (11:11:38 PM): honey id love to teach u and do all kinds of things wit u but if it were a date in public id get arrested
    missie_prissie93 (11:11:53 PM): why
    hunglowilove69 (11:12:33 PM): it would have to b very privte .......buz im way older
    missie_prissie93 (11:13:07 PM): why u 70
    hunglowilove69 (11:13:18 PM): noooooo
    hunglowilove69 (11:13:48 PM): but im not under 18
    missie_prissie93 (11:14:16 PM): u wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy over 18 lol
    hunglowilove69 (11:14:39 PM): no
    hunglowilove69 (11:15:00 PM): but anything over 18 is bad
    hunglowilove69 (11:15:19 PM): so id have to b careful
    missie_prissie93 (11:15:27 PM): ok
    hunglowilove69 (11:16:10 PM): so how does that work 4 u
    missie_prissie93 (11:16:21 PM): how old ru for realz i dont care cept if ur like 70
    hunglowilove69 (11:16:41 PM): i told u 31
    missie_prissie93 (11:17:24 PM): u mad it sound like us was relly rellyu old

    Joseph Gene Federico knew the score, yet he showed up at our Riverside, CA sting house to meet cameras and cops. He was charged with Attempted Lewd Act with Child Under 14 and Harmful Matter Sent with Intent of Seduction of Minor by Online Service.

    Federico chose to take the matter to trial, where a jury found him guilty on both counts. Federico had a previous felony \"strike\" on his record in California, and that was reflected in his sentence. He was sentenced to a total of six years and eight months in state prison.

    While in prison, Federico appealed his conviction. The lower court's ruling was affirmed in full.

    This is our 577th conviction since June of 2004.