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    Report made 1/11/2011 7:37 PM PST

    jillybean_95 (01/26/09 9:58:49 PM): u married or gotta gf?
    hungindian_09 (01/26/09 9:58:58 PM): married not very happy though
    jillybean_95 (01/26/09 9:59:06 PM): ahh im srry
    hungindian_09 (01/26/09 9:59:09 PM): its k
    jillybean_95 (01/26/09 9:59:16 PM): y r u not happy?
    hungindian_09 (01/26/09 9:59:17 PM): im not caucacian that k?
    hungindian_09 (01/26/09 9:59:21 PM): too much fights
    hungindian_09 (01/26/09 9:59:30 PM): I hear caucian girls are sweeter
    jillybean_95 (01/26/09 9:59:32 PM): not sure what u mean?
    hungindian_09 (01/26/09 9:59:37 PM): white lol
    hungindian_09 (01/26/09 9:59:43 PM): I mean IM not white
    jillybean_95 (01/26/09 9:59:51 PM): oh lol no thats kool it dont bug me
    hungindian_09 (01/26/09 10:00:04 PM): Im indian dark brown skin
    jillybean_95 (01/26/09 10:00:09 PM): thats kool
    hungindian_09 (01/26/09 10:00:10 PM): not balck though
    jillybean_95 (01/26/09 10:00:19 PM): lol skin color dont matter to me
    hungindian_09 (01/26/09 10:00:32 PM): thats good I like white girls though kinda curious about them
    jillybean_95 (01/26/09 10:00:45 PM): what color is ur wife?
    hungindian_09 (01/26/09 10:00:50 PM): same as me indian
    jillybean_95 (01/26/09 10:00:58 PM): y dont she make u happy?
    hungindian_09 (01/26/09 10:01:25 PM): too many fights n diagreement
    hungindian_09 (01/26/09 10:01:33 PM): n there r other marital issues
    jillybean_95 (01/26/09 10:01:36 PM): aww thats too bad
    hungindian_09 (01/26/09 10:01:42 PM): like in bed
    Well I'm sure getting arrested for trying to molest a kid will fix that marriage up.

    Amiyah Mandal gets a special prize after serving three years in federal prison, he gets a free plane ticket. Back home to his native India. Hopefully his wife has already given him another gift, that of divorce papers.

    Contributor notes from Ripley
    Amiyah Mandal thought he had all bases covered when he was looking for a 13 year old to have a \"friends with benefits\" type relationship. He must have been pretty practiced trying to lure underage girls, because he was very careful wording his desires, even trying to send her to a site that defined exactly what he wanted, without him saying it in the chat, and he wanted to be sure she didn't archive her conversations with him. Unknown to him, the 13 year old turned out to be a trained volunteer from perverted justice, and ended up costing him 3 years in a federal prison and deportation back to his native India upon release. That makes me so happy to know that the U.S will not have to deal with him again.

    This case was a success not only due to the intense training that we receive at perverted justice, but also due to the excellent law enforcement in Moundsville, West Virginia. Namely a detective by the name of Ross Lockhart. Mr Lockhart was truly one of the best officers I have ever worked with. Not only during the arrest but afterwards also. Mr Mandal was released on bond after his arrest but continued to make other profiles on Facebook, Match.com and Tinychat. The officers discovered that and his bond was revoked.

    Thank you Mr.Lockhart. West Virginia and the U.S. is now a little bit safer because of your excellent work.

    This is our 536th conviction since June of 2004 and our 4th conviction for 2011.