• Conviction - michigan19602000 - Stanton, Michigan

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    File originally posted on 12/7/2009 10:03 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 12/7/2009 10:03 PM PST

    lindzkickinit (03/07/08 12:56:58 AM): u gotta band page or anythin?
    michigan19602000 (03/07/08 12:57:22 AM): no
    lindzkickinit (03/07/08 12:59:01 AM): y not?
    michigan19602000 (03/07/08 12:59:21 AM): we have manager
    michigan19602000 (03/07/08 12:59:28 AM): dont need one we play allthe time
    michigan19602000 (03/07/08 12:59:44 AM): we play all over
    lindzkickinit (03/07/08 1:00:30 AM): that kewl is that all u do or u work 2?
    michigan19602000 (03/07/08 1:00:41 AM): all i do
    lindzkickinit (03/07/08 1:01:07 AM): that kewl
    lindzkickinit (03/07/08 1:01:14 AM): what u do in the band?
    michigan19602000 (03/07/08 1:01:21 AM): i do some nude things too
    michigan19602000 (03/07/08 1:01:23 AM): pose nude
    lindzkickinit (03/07/08 1:01:54 AM): realy? for what?
    michigan19602000 (03/07/08 1:02:09 AM): play guitar and sing
    michigan19602000 (03/07/08 1:02:09 AM): we play casinos too
    michigan19602000 (03/07/08 1:02:24 AM): and open for band that were famous
    lindzkickinit (03/07/08 1:02:34 AM): wow which ones?
    michigan19602000 (03/07/08 1:03:04 AM): old band u probably dont know them
    michigan19602000 (03/07/08 1:03:08 AM): lots of them
    michigan19602000 (03/07/08 1:03:17 AM): played in detroit all around
    michigan19602000 (03/07/08 1:03:30 AM): 70s and 80s bands
    lindzkickinit (03/07/08 1:04:28 AM): lolz ok
    michigan19602000 (03/07/08 1:04:48 AM): i had lots of girls at once too
    michigan19602000 (03/07/08 1:05:01 AM): had 6 of them couple weeks ago
    lindzkickinit (03/07/08 1:05:04 AM): realy?
    michigan19602000 (03/07/08 1:05:05 AM): at same time
    michigan19602000 (03/07/08 1:05:23 AM): i had pussy on my face riding my cock and them playing with each other
    michigan19602000 (03/07/08 1:05:45 AM): i was fingering them too and they were masturbating and watching
    michigan19602000 (03/07/08 1:05:55 AM): some were your age too
    lindzkickinit (03/07/08 1:06:44 AM): realy? they were 14?
    michigan19602000 (03/07/08 1:06:49 AM): one was
    michigan19602000 (03/07/08 1:06:53 AM): and 15 and 16
    michigan19602000 (03/07/08 1:06:57 AM): they all like to fuck
    michigan19602000 (03/07/08 1:07:05 AM): we dont ask they are hot and we just fuck them
    What a horrible person, whether or not he's telling the truth.

    Ronnie Paulsen was arrested as part of the follow up to the Grand Rapids, Michigan sting. This is one of the great examples of how pro-active Michigan is about fighting online predators. Paulsen was found guilty of multiple charges of using the internet/computer to commit crime by a jury of his peers, and he was sentenced to 18 months to 10 years in prison. He is also now a registered sex offender.

    Contributor notes from Apple Jack
    Ronnie Paulsen hit up my 14 year old persona asking straight out if I liked nudity, if I had a cam, and if I want to stroke his cock. He had also hit up just about every Contrib working this sting, often asking the same things. I chatted with him over the course of a few months and over and over I was subjected to seeing him wank. Some of the chats with Paulsen made my skin crawl as he talked about watching his neighbor's young girls in the shower or back yard while he was naked and wanking off, or when he went to the family nudist camps and looked at the young, naked girls while they looked at him. I'm thankful he'll be spending some time behind bars and the children of Michigan won't have to deal with him.

    The defense for Ronnie Paulsen tried to pull a fast one. They had a plea agreement until just a few days before the trail. The defense made a last minute decision to go to trial. I'm fairly confident he was hoping they wouldn't be able to get a hold of me and that I wouldn't fly in. LOL, did they get a surprise! Seriously, defense attorneys should know by now, that doesn't work. When will they learn??? I had a one days notice and I was there and ready for the trial. Ronnie Paulsen was not walking on my watch!

    The day of the trial was April 29th, 2009. I was in another state, and away from my family. Ronnie Paulsen was convicted on all 7 counts he was charged with and was remanded without bail. He is serving 18 months to 10 years and he has to Register. It was also my Birthday. The ADA and Special Agent treated me to an extremely nice dinner. But the best gift came from Ronnie Paulsen. Thanks Ronnie, that was a sweet birthday gift!

    And I'm sorry Ronnie, I guess I totally screwed your summer up for you huh? Guess you won't be hanging out at the Family Nudist Camps or banging any young thing that shows up back stage after you play. That's such a shame. To bad, so sad. I guess you'll have to pay the Piper now Ronnie!!!

    I'd like to extend my thanks and appreciation to the Perverted Justice JC Trainers, Verifiers, CC'ers, as well as everyone else that helped me along the way (you know who you are) in getting Ronnie Paulsen convicted. I couldn't have done it without any of you. You have my heart felt thanks. Job well done by all!!!!!!

    This was one case that proves Perverted Justice's evidence is airtight. It was also an incredible experience working with Michigan. I'd like to thank the Michigans' AG Office, the ADA, and the Special Agent on the case. They were phenomenal to work with. Once again Michigan proves they won't stand idly by while grown men go online and solicit sex from minors, or look for kids to rape. MICHIGAN ROCKS!!!!

    This is our 466th conviction since June of 2004, our 161st conviction for 2009, and our 58th conviction in Michigan thus far.