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    File originally posted on 11/22/2009 7:51 PM PST [Link to File]
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    cowboy39461 (05:36:13 PM): ever meet any guys on here ya like to talk to and thought about meeting sometime?
    orlandoluvsme2 (05:36:16 PM): i have b4 chatted w ppl but they were always just teasin me
    orlandoluvsme2 (05:36:27 PM): i thot bout it but never did
    cowboy39461 (05:36:35 PM): what ya mean teasing u
    cowboy39461 (05:36:39 PM): what about
    orlandoluvsme2 (05:36:52 PM): they wuld say they liked me tehn say that they only wanted a gf on here
    orlandoluvsme2 (05:36:55 PM): not irl
    orlandoluvsme2 (05:37:01 PM): and i want a bf irl
    cowboy39461 (05:37:29 PM): you want a guy that'll come take ya out you mean
    orlandoluvsme2 (05:37:44 PM): yah n want to see me ya kno
    cowboy39461 (05:37:48 PM): meet with you face to face
    orlandoluvsme2 (05:37:56 PM): well yah xactly
    cowboy39461 (05:38:08 PM): so say so
    orlandoluvsme2 (05:38:31 PM): i dont kno wat that means
    cowboy39461 (05:39:21 PM): ok it's like this
    cowboy39461 (05:40:06 PM): I feel very uncomfortable being the first or only one of us saying what we both want to do when we meet
    cowboy39461 (05:40:45 PM): just please understand, you are younger then me and I could get in some real hot water ya know
    orlandoluvsme2 (05:41:14 PM): i wuld get in trubble 2 ya kno!
    cowboy39461 (05:41:29 PM): so for me to just come out and say things to you without you talking about them or saying them first sort of makes me worry
    cowboy39461 (05:41:58 PM): baby, your trouble and mine would be way differen't
    cowboy39461 (05:42:15 PM): I'd be in real trouble understand
    Well, you'd know, wouldn't you? You served time for murder.

    Justin David Shaffer was arrested as part of a sting in Jackson, Mississippi in 2006. He wouldn't meet at the house though, only in a vacant church parking lot where he arrived in a van with a knife. Law enforcement was willing to do whatever it takes to get Shaffer arrested, he was well known due to being a suspect in a series of rapes in the area. He had also been convicted of murder, though after serving nearly a decade in jail the conviction was overturned. It was often alleged that he got away with crimes due to having connections in higher places, but we don't know anything about that. What we do know is that he tried to rape a 13 year old girl. He fought the case all the way to trial, and he was found guilty of felony child exploitation after only an hour's deliberation.

    Shaffer was sentenced to 25 years in prison, and he will have to serve every day of that sentence. He also had to pay a $50,000 fine and he will haveto register as a sex offender, though it will be a long time before anyone will need to worry about him rejoining society.

    The contributor for this chat was El Charro.

    This is our 443rd conviction since June of 2004, our 139th conviction for 2009, and our 5th conviction in Mississippi thus far.