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    File originally posted on 11/18/2009 8:29 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 11/18/2009 8:29 PM PST

    suri_juhanah (03/08/08 7:22:21 PM): wut u like 2 do
    vinnyblubinzburg (03/08/08 7:22:21 PM): thats cool
    vinnyblubinzburg (03/08/08 7:22:32 PM): play music
    vinnyblubinzburg (03/08/08 7:25:34 PM): and a lot of other things
    suri_juhanah (03/08/08 7:26:08 PM): like wut
    vinnyblubinzburg (03/08/08 7:26:30 PM): have sex
    suri_juhanah (03/08/08 7:26:49 PM): u do that 4 fun?
    vinnyblubinzburg (03/08/08 7:27:16 PM): i guess you could say that
    vinnyblubinzburg (03/08/08 7:27:27 PM): but i have a girlfriend
    suri_juhanah (03/08/08 7:27:35 PM): well taht just sux
    vinnyblubinzburg (03/08/08 7:27:42 PM): why?
    suri_juhanah (03/08/08 7:28:27 PM): becuz i said so
    vinnyblubinzburg (03/08/08 7:28:54 PM): but what do you mean?
    suri_juhanah (03/08/08 7:29:10 PM): cuz i dont wnat u 2 have 1
    vinnyblubinzburg (03/08/08 7:29:40 PM): why not?
    suri_juhanah (03/08/08 7:29:54 PM): y u think
    suri_juhanah (03/08/08 7:30:06 PM): do u mess around on her
    vinnyblubinzburg (03/08/08 7:30:25 PM): no but ive thaught about it
    suri_juhanah (03/08/08 7:30:45 PM): i dont judge or nuttin
    suri_juhanah (03/08/08 7:30:52 PM): i was just askin
    vinnyblubinzburg (03/08/08 7:31:01 PM): iam being honest
    suri_juhanah (03/08/08 7:31:28 PM): thats good
    vinnyblubinzburg (03/08/08 7:31:38 PM): she knows i have a taste for younger girld
    suri_juhanah (03/08/08 7:31:38 PM): i hate freekin liars
    vinnyblubinzburg (03/08/08 7:31:45 PM): girls
    suri_juhanah (03/08/08 7:31:59 PM): she dont care?
    vinnyblubinzburg (03/08/08 7:32:19 PM): i dont think so
    suri_juhanah (03/08/08 7:32:29 PM): what kinda girls u like
    vinnyblubinzburg (03/08/08 7:33:18 PM): to be honest, your type
    Children are your "type"? Yeah, I'm sure your girlfriend didn't care, you twisted asshole.

    Jonathan David Doebler was arrested as part of our Wayne County, MI sting in the spring of 2008. He was charged with child sexually abusive communicative activity. He received a sentence of 1-20 years in prison, and he will remain on the registered sex offender list until 2033. That is a very large chunk of his young life. He was sentenced in May of 2008 and he remains incarcerated, so his jail sentence ended up being longer than one year.

    The contributor for this chat was Cookie Crisp.

    This is our 432nd conviction since June of 2004, our 128th conviction for 2009, and our 48th conviction in Michigan thus far.