• Conviction - dckroll - Lehigh Acres, Florida

    - Chatlog Conviction -
    File originally posted on 9/25/2007 4:12 AM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 9/25/2007 4:12 AM PST

    4/22/2006 7:52:25 PM: {dckroll}so what u up to
    4/22/2006 7:52:30 PM: {14-year-old boy}2 old??
    4/22/2006 7:52:32 PM: {14-year-old boy}omg wtfe
    4/22/2006 7:52:37 PM: {14-year-old boy}nuttin im bord
    4/22/2006 7:52:57 PM: {dckroll}yea same here
    4/22/2006 7:53:01 PM: {dckroll}u have a pic
    4/22/2006 7:54:19 PM: {dckroll}what would make u not bored
    4/22/2006 7:55:03 PM: {dckroll}?
    4/22/2006 7:55:27 PM: {dckroll}guess ur busy
    4/22/2006 7:55:43 PM: {dckroll}u want some head
    4/22/2006 7:55:44 PM: {14-year-old boy}o no sorry had 2 pee
    4/22/2006 7:55:52 PM: {14-year-old boy}i have a pic yeaaaaa do u?
    4/22/2006 7:56:01 PM: {dckroll}yea
    4/22/2006 7:56:07 PM: {dckroll}iankroll@aol.com
    4/22/2006 7:56:33 PM: {14-year-old boy}k do u wanna chat on AOL?
    4/22/2006 7:56:57 PM: {dckroll}yea sure
    4/22/2006 7:57:30 PM: {dckroll}would u like some head
    4/22/2006 7:57:49 PM: {14-year-old boy}lol u 4 real?
    4/22/2006 7:58:07 PM: {dckroll}yea
    4/22/2006 7:58:19 PM: {14-year-old boy}wow y me?
    4/22/2006 7:58:31 PM: {dckroll}said u were bored
    4/22/2006 7:58:47 PM: {14-year-old boy}o ok kewl
    4/22/2006 7:58:58 PM: {dckroll}thought u wouldnt be if u were getting head
    Just that quick.

    Dallas Lee was one of many who showed up at our Fort Myers, Florida sting operation which was documented as a \"To Catch a Predator\" episode. His chat gets sexual quick and continues that way for the entirety of the exchange. Dallas decided it would be a good idea to plead guilty and try to get whatever mercy possible.

    He received nine months in jail, three years probation, registration as a sex offender and all the fun restrictions that come with that particular lifestyle. We're very pleased with the outcome of this case and all the Fort Myers cases so far as that sting is getting closer to 100% conviction completion.

    Contributor notes from Don Pedro
    Dallas here is a good example of the manipulation and lies these guys will engage in to have sex with a young child. Dallas' profile says he is 29; in chat he claims to be 20. Neither of those ages were true; Dallas was actually 40 at the time of the chat. Dallas also checks out the young child's profile, notes the child's interests, and then claims to like the same exact things in order to elevate himself in the child's eyes. He knows that a young boy would probably not be interested in a 40-year-old, so he lies and pretends to be a young, hip twenty-something. Dallas also uses a picture that appears to be at least 10 years old. This \"man\" is truely pathological.

    Again, my thanks go out to the awesome Florida law enforcement officials. The people of Florida should be grateful to have such hardworking and dedicated officials working to keep their children safe from online sexual predators.

    This is our 225th conviction since June of 2004 and our 104th conviction for 2007 so far.