• Conviction - the_donjuan02 - Colorado Springs, Colorado

    - Chatlog Conviction -
    File originally posted on 1/15/2004 5:50 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 4/22/2004 8:20 PM PST

    There are bad men.

    And then there are bad men.

    DonCosta Seawell is one of the very worst men.

    Accused of rape by two military cadets in 2000 and 2002, no charges were filed due to commanding officers in the military bringing pressure to bear against the two victims. Convicted of sodomy in late 2002 while in the state of California, DonCosta was sentenced to the paltry sum of two years in prison.

    Released for \"good behavior\" after only fourteen months, Seawell was a free man. Apparently \"rehabilitated\", this brutal rapist less than two weeks after being released was at it again, this time in a Colorado chat room.

    Of course, it was our contributor Nikki he chatted with, rather than the 14 year old Seawell wanted to meet up with in that Colorado regional room that night. This brutal rapist, barely out of jail, surfing the internet looking for children to abuse. Fortunately, we were there.

    Nikki's exposure of DonCosta immediately scared the animal. Backed into a corner and knowing what could happen, DonCosta started firing off lies, threats and other forms of inanity to the site administrator. Saying that his Los Angeles rape conviction was \"a conspiracy\", Seawell then concocted a story that someone had \"set him up.\"

    Of course, this was not the case, as our protocols are strict, stringent and effective. His number verified, Seawell was toast. Picked up due to the chat being a violation of his probation, Seawell has been sitting in jail awaiting his probationary hearing for quite some time over the incident.

    And when that hearing was held? DonCosta was found guilty of solicitation of a minor, which is a violation of his parole. The evidence presented against him were Nikki's statements to police, the chat-log and other various pieces of evidence. This repugnant, brutal animal is now back in jail to serve out the rest of his sentence for raping a wheel-chair bound woman in LA.

    Thanks to the work of Nikki, our Followup Forum and DonCosta's probation officer, Seawell has been languishing in prison for a couple months. He will serve a couple months more to finish out his original sentence due to our vigilance. Unfortunately, this cruel rapist will not spend the rest of his life behind bars, however, we hope that the government does not drop the ball on his unrepentent felon after he is released again. Hopefully the government will keep a closer eye on Seawell this time, without being fooled by his sociopathic lying personality.