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    File originally posted on 5/16/2006 10:49 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 5/16/2006 11:04 PM PST

    ginty77 (6/8/2005 6:28:04 PM): so you're not a virgin
    ginty77 (6/8/2005 6:28:09 PM): are you?
    sweetlaynie92 (6/8/2005 6:28:10 PM): ya im a virgin
    sweetlaynie92 (6/8/2005 6:28:14 PM): i just tuched his
    ginty77 (6/8/2005 6:28:25 PM): you done oral?
    sweetlaynie92 (6/8/2005 6:28:25 PM): i just wantd idea wat 2 xpect! lol
    sweetlaynie92 (6/8/2005 6:28:38 PM): i just tuched it
    ginty77 (6/8/2005 6:28:51 PM): k... can you do oral
    sweetlaynie92 (6/8/2005 6:28:58 PM): sure if u sho me wat 2 do
    ginty77 (6/8/2005 6:30:00 PM): is like licking an ice cream cone.

    Look, we know everyone needs a criminal defense attorney when they're charged with a crime. And yes, everyone is entitled to a fair and just defense. That's all wonderful, hug your friends and your politicians for such rights. So do not take or construe the following quasi-rant as an attack on the right of the accused to a defense. It's not.

    There are scumbag pedophiles out there like Gilbert Cerros, we know this, we deal with this everyday. But perhaps a \"type\" of person disgusts us possibly even more. Scumbag pedophile-chasing attorneys that attempt to get a guy like Cerros to withdraw his plea so they can waste the states time in order to make themselves money and get Cerros a \"sweeter deal.\" You see, Gilbert knew what he did was wrong. He also knew he was guilty. So, he pled guilty.

    End of story, right? Guilty man pleads guilty.

    Unfortunately not.

    A bottom-feeder pedophile chasing attorney contacted Cerros and talked him into trying to change his plea by promising a \"better sentence\" if they waste the states time and try to string this out until trial time comes nearer. Then not only does our scumbag pedophile chasing attorney get paid, but Cerros might get a better plea deal. Yes, that's what happened in this case. So Cerros attempted to change his plea...

    Only to find out it was too late, his motion was rejected and he was sentenced. Cerros now gets to register as a sex offender, face restrictions due to that and serve 180 days in jail. It's just unfortunate that the goofball that tried to tie up the justice system and waste the state's money can't be arrested for attempting to obstruct justice.

    In addition to the jail time he will serve, he is also responsible for paying fines in excess of $1,000 and will be on probation for 3 years. While on probation, he will have to disclose all his electronic accounts and passwords, submit to searches of his home, car, garage and personal property at any time without cause, he may not associate with any minor unless accompanied by an approved responsible adult, and he must participate in and complete, at his expense, any counseling, rehabilitation/treatment program deemed appropriate by his probation officer.

    Notes from the Contributor, Maxwell House
    I'd like to thank Investigator Richard Sheldon and the entire Riverside County Sheriff's Office for their outstanding work in bringing Gilbert Cerros to justice. Mr. Cerros showed up in June, 2005 to have sex with a child of 12, bringing her alcohol and pornography.

    This is our fifteenth conviction thus far in 2006 and 55th conviction overall since June of 2004. This is yet another conviction for site contributor Maxwell House, who has been a bastion of work since her inception as a contributor. This is also our eighth conviction in California thus far. Thanks to our great friends at the Riverside Sheriff's Department for their stellar work on this case, as always.