• Conviction - popogh64 - Grand Rapids, Michigan

    - Chatlog Conviction -
    File originally posted on 12/5/2009 10:59 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 12/5/2009 10:59 PM PST

    popogh64 (10/18/08 11:55:29 AM): have to be careful what i send no offense cause of your age
    popogh64 (10/18/08 11:56:10 AM): do u have a cam
    beltlinedawg (10/18/08 11:56:31 AM): why are you by a cop car
    popogh64 (10/18/08 11:56:54 AM): at the kozminski car show
    beltlinedawg (10/18/08 11:57:12 AM): that crashes me u gotta email
    beltlinedawg (10/18/08 11:57:46 AM): got scared was thinkin ur a cop
    beltlinedawg (10/18/08 11:58:26 AM): u here
    popogh64 (10/18/08 11:59:12 AM): yeah im here
    popogh64 (10/18/08 11:59:55 AM): nope not a cop but that what i was thinking you might be
    beltlinedawg (10/18/08 12:00:09 PM): ha ha not
    popogh64 (10/18/08 12:00:20 PM): u have a cam
    beltlinedawg (10/18/08 12:00:42 PM): no I wish
    popogh64 (10/18/08 12:01:00 PM): so any more pics
    popogh64 (10/18/08 12:01:14 PM): would love to see your butt
    beltlinedawg (10/18/08 12:02:08 PM): i wish i was more buff
    popogh64 (10/18/08 12:02:17 PM): u look good
    beltlinedawg (10/18/08 12:02:27 PM): im whimpy
    popogh64 (10/18/08 12:02:40 PM): not at all
    beltlinedawg (10/18/08 12:03:03 PM): can i see other pic of you?
    popogh64 (10/18/08 12:03:11 PM): like what
    beltlinedawg (10/18/08 12:03:32 PM): it was hard to see ur face u had sunglass and hat on ru bald?
    popogh64 (10/18/08 12:03:41 PM): no
    Pretty close to it.

    Bradley Lynn Wells was arrested as part of the Grand Rapids, Michigan sting in the fall of 2008. He was charged with child sexually abusive activity and using a computer or internet to commit a crime, and he pled guilty to the latter charge in return for the first being dropped. He was sentenced to a minimum of one year in prison.

    The contributor for this chat was Jay Alternative.

    This is our 465th conviction since June of 2004, our 160th conviction for 2009, and our 57th conviction in Michigan thus far.