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    File originally posted on 1/12/2007 8:06 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 1/12/2007 8:29 PM PST

    your_lil_nene (8:03:01 PM): i dont need to lye im 34
    ima_mommys_brat (8:03:05 PM): lol
    ima_mommys_brat (8:03:09 PM): ya i remember
    ima_mommys_brat (8:03:22 PM): u relly dont care that im 13
    your_lil_nene (8:03:32 PM): do you
    ima_mommys_brat (8:03:35 PM): no
    ima_mommys_brat (8:03:38 PM): :)
    ima_mommys_brat (8:03:41 PM): do u
    your_lil_nene (8:03:48 PM): ok then is all on u
    ima_mommys_brat (8:03:59 PM): wat does that mean
    your_lil_nene (8:04:15 PM): if u want too be with me
    ima_mommys_brat (8:04:20 PM): oic
    ima_mommys_brat (8:04:34 PM): wher wud we go
    ima_mommys_brat (8:04:42 PM): and wat wud we do
    your_lil_nene (8:04:49 PM): what would u like me too do to u
    ima_mommys_brat (8:04:53 PM): lol
    ima_mommys_brat (8:04:56 PM): i dunno
    ima_mommys_brat (8:05:06 PM): wat do u want 2 do
    your_lil_nene (8:05:49 PM): would like for me to lick your pussy so will see what does it feel

    We feature the most charming content on the internet. Yeech.

    Miguel Sosa declined to show the weekend of the large-scale Riverside sting, but he showed a week afterwards and was arrested just like those that showed during the sting were. A year later, he finds out his sentence. Three years... yes, 1,095 days in jail. A pretty good sentence for solicitation, we love Riverside County! Vast majority of Riverside arrestees have faced at least six months in jail with nearly a majority eating years in prison for their attempts to have sex with what they thought was a child.

    Three years... might not sound like much on paper, but just imagine what you were doing three years ago and what you're doing today. Hell, it's a little less time than the amount of time it's taken us to start up this organization... we're only three and a half years old ourselves!

    Once he's released, Miguel will get the lovely life of a registered sex offender as well.

    Notes from the Contributor, Chandra Chai
    Miguel didn't have the pleasure of meeting Chris Hanson, however he didn't miss out on meeting the Riverside police! I had a really bad feeling from him from the beginning. I had never had someone push so hard to meet before. He never saw a pic of me, or heard my voice. And yet, he showed up and approached the decoy and was arrested outside of the mall. I really felt he was one of the most dangerous men I have encountered so far. I got major bad vibes from him.

    The hardest thing about this bust was trying to hold him off until the sting.

    In his history, there are various traffic, DUI/Drug convictions. In 2001, he was convicted of Car Jacking and Assault w/weapon likely to produce great bodily injury. I suppose my instincts were right about him.

    Major kudos to the Riverside police for setting up the meet after the Dateline sting. They were all great to work with.

    This is our 129th conviction since June of 2004 and our eighth conviction so far for 2007. It is currently January 12th, 2007. Eight convictions in twelve days. Yeah, it's going to be a busy year, heh.