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    File originally posted on 2/4/2011 1:58 AM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 2/4/2011 1:58 AM PST

    hel_bomber (08/13/09 12:02:53 AM): your a virgin
    samantha_omen14 (08/13/09 12:03:34 AM): yes
    samantha_omen14 (08/13/09 12:03:45 AM): is this john?
    hel_bomber (08/13/09 12:03:47 AM): cool, i get to be ur first
    hel_bomber (08/13/09 12:03:53 AM): yes
    samantha_omen14 (08/13/09 12:04:16 AM): ok thought u knew that
    hel_bomber (08/13/09 12:04:22 AM): but i don't think i asked u that before
    samantha_omen14 (08/13/09 12:04:42 AM): oh ok mebbe not
    samantha_omen14 (08/13/09 12:04:49 AM): so is that ok?
    hel_bomber (08/13/09 12:05:01 AM): yes, i wanna be with u
    hel_bomber (08/13/09 12:05:11 AM): doesn't matter to me
    samantha_omen14 (08/13/09 12:05:40 AM): ok
    hel_bomber (08/13/09 12:06:06 AM): i'll treat u so nice when i get there
    samantha_omen14 (08/13/09 12:07:13 AM): well hope u wont be mean
    hel_bomber (08/13/09 12:07:14 AM): friday is a long time to wait
    hel_bomber (08/13/09 12:07:31 AM): i won't, u trust me
    samantha_omen14 (08/13/09 12:07:52 AM): yes i do
    hel_bomber (08/13/09 12:07:56 AM): cool
    hel_bomber (08/13/09 12:08:39 AM): i went to yahoo chat to see if i can get a carpool and it didn't work
    Yep, you read that right. He went into the chat-room to openly solicit people for a ride. Now that's brazen.

    John Custer didn't have a car, but that didn't stop him from having sex with an underage kid. He paid up for a taxi and ended up paying for a trip to be arrested. Slick move there.

    He received five months probation and some sex offender restrictions. Not a great sentence, but all we can do is present quality evidence that gets convictions. Sentences are someone elses job, unfortunately.

    Contributor notes from Elena Ruth
    Yep John spent $110 on a cab ride to the bust house, quite a bit of money for a grocery store clerk. He didn't actually come up to the door, but instead he walked by it carrying the two videos he said he would bring. It was eagle eyed Frag who spotted him and sent LE after him, thank you Frag for not letting him get away.

    I would like to thank my Verifier cat_eye, who on her very first call got an arrest. Needless to say she was just a "little" excited by the news that he did indeed show up and was arrested. It was a great day for both of us!

    I had hoped that since he had admitted to doing this at least once before that he would get some jail time, but he took a plea and got 5 months of probation instead, which of course is better than nothing. Thanks to the Livingston County Sheriff's Dept. and the Attorney General's Office for their work on this case.

    This is our 539th conviction since June of 2004 and our 7th conviction for 2011.