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    princezz_paris (03/20/07 10:09:01 PM): if u had 1wish now wat would it be n y
    kutepadude4u27 (03/20/07 10:09:52 PM): wow..now thats a good ?
    princezz_paris (03/20/07 10:10:47 PM): thx
    princezz_paris (03/20/07 10:12:08 PM): wats ur answa
    kutepadude4u27 (03/20/07 10:12:48 PM): wish is..to be able to make it possible for us to be more n why, cause ur personality is increadible, your honest, extremely sweet, a total knock out, and you deserve to be treated like a queen
    princezz_paris (03/20/07 10:13:17 PM): omg wat a friggin sweet answer wow
    princezz_paris (03/20/07 10:13:21 PM): i like that wish
    kutepadude4u27 (03/20/07 10:13:35 PM): yes so do I...
    princezz_paris (03/20/07 10:13:47 PM): ur turn ask
    kutepadude4u27 (03/20/07 10:13:49 PM): omg my question would be the same question you asked me
    princezz_paris (03/20/07 10:13:58 PM): copycat
    princezz_paris (03/20/07 10:13:59 PM): lol
    kutepadude4u27 (03/20/07 10:14:18 PM): I'm gonna ask you another after you answer..dont worry
    princezz_paris (03/20/07 10:14:43 PM): if i had 1 wish it would be to make your wish come true but sooner then u prolly want it 2 come true. ;)
    kutepadude4u27 (03/20/07 10:15:19 PM): awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
    kutepadude4u27 (03/20/07 10:15:34 PM): ;;)
    kutepadude4u27 (03/20/07 10:16:13 PM): okay my next question..lol kinda bad one but whats the most u ever done wit a boy or bf
    kutepadude4u27 (03/20/07 10:17:12 PM): you can pass if you want
    princezz_paris (03/20/07 10:17:22 PM): it was my xbf n we did lots of stuff we didnt do sex but u no he want me touch his thing over n over til be busted a nut n he touch my boobs n we kiss, make out it was fun ;)
    kutepadude4u27 (03/20/07 10:18:20 PM): oh I bet it was fun;)
    kutepadude4u27 (03/20/07 10:18:26 PM): okay ur question
    princezz_paris (03/20/07 10:18:52 PM): lemme think
    kutepadude4u27 (03/20/07 10:19:17 PM): take ur time its all good
    princezz_paris (03/20/07 10:20:19 PM): are u bein honest with me cuz u no ppl on here sumtime just say stuff cuz they can n not relly mean it u no. Its ok if u were kiddin, but i hopeur not like people who just tell ppl stuff cuz u can...
    kutepadude4u27 (03/20/07 10:22:28 PM): I am being totally honest with you because I like tell yah I think your just so increadible..like honestly your personality and everything else about you so much better and more real than 99 percent of the older woman.
    What a grooming creep. Tell her how beautiful she is, tell her how mature she is, make her feel adult and special. SHE IS 12.

    Howard Thornton III, despite crossing state lines with intent to molest a 12 year old girl, got off with far too light of a sentence. He received parole supervision for life and registration as a sex offender, so on the plus side, his crime will haunt him forever. The terms of his supervision will prevent him from using a computer for personal use and prevent him from being with minors unsupervised.

    The contributor for this chat was Teddy Graham.

    This is our 420th conviction since June of 2004, our 116th conviction for 2009, and our 15th conviction in New Jersey thus far.