• Conviction - longbeachdude19 - Long Beach, California

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    File originally posted on 3/12/2007 3:57 AM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 3/12/2007 3:57 AM PST

    longbeachdude19 (09/06/06 6:59:39 PM): u wanna hear one of my fantasys
    Willow (09/06/06 6:59:53 PM): sure :)
    longbeachdude19 (09/06/06 7:00:49 PM): im sleeping on my back laying on the bed, and cute sexy girl like you is laying on my chest and i slide my hard dick n between ur legs inside you and let u sleep with it in you
    Willow (09/06/06 7:01:01 PM): lol does it work like that?
    longbeachdude19 (09/06/06 7:01:05 PM): what u mean
    Willow (09/06/06 7:01:11 PM): like wouldnt u go small?
    longbeachdude19 (09/06/06 7:01:34 PM): oh no id be horny so we'd pretend but with me being hard it would make u so horny
    Willow (09/06/06 7:01:41 PM): lol oooo
    longbeachdude19 (09/06/06 7:01:43 PM): and u just laying there with a hard dick inside u go nuts
    longbeachdude19 (09/06/06 7:02:01 PM): we'd be kissin n touchin each other
    Willow (09/06/06 7:02:05 PM): lol i dunno if i could go to sleep like that then
    longbeachdude19 (09/06/06 7:02:10 PM): u wouldnt
    longbeachdude19 (09/06/06 7:02:12 PM): hehehe
    longbeachdude19 (09/06/06 7:02:25 PM): its hot to think about
    longbeachdude19 (09/06/06 7:02:54 PM): lol i dont know what it is but u get me all excited
    longbeachdude19 (09/06/06 7:03:13 PM): i wish i had a bowl of cereal
    Best conversational transition of all time.

    Qays Mahjoob hit us up during our Long Beach sting operation. First, he solicited one decoy. Then, he hit up another decoy. Of course, he told both that they're the first minors he talked to. Lie much? Yep. His phone conversations border on the absurd, as he spots an undercover car following him and hears a walkie talkie... still, his obsession led him to the door and into the warm arms of... Long Beach PD.

    Of course, it being Long Beach, he received what we deride as the \"Long Beach Special.\" 3 Years formal probation, sixty days of Caltrans cleanup, must submit DNA sample and will register as a sex offender for life. While we are disappointed that a single judge in this jurisdiction has decided to forgo the standard 3 months to 2 years California prison term for the Long Beach predators, we're happy to lodge even more successful arrests and convictions.

    Notes from the Contributor, Xavier Von Erck
    I stole Qays Mahjoob from another contributor when he approached me in a California chat-room. I soon rued that happening, as he led me down four days of boredom. Then again, I find almost all these conversations boring as hell to do. Once in a while you'll get a guy that will say unique things, but Qays was not that guy. At least I got to educate him on video games.

    I find the Long Beach sentences handed out thus far ridiculous. Qays is a guy that hits up two 13 year old decoys in a week and a half, speaks sexually to both of them and shows for one of them. Despite being paranoid, he comes to the door no matter what. And he gets probation. Dumb.

    At least lifetime sex offender registry is quite the punishment and incentive not to re-offend. The most notable aspect of longbeachdude19 was his phone verification recordings. The first one sees him creepily call our verifier's voice \"sexy\", but the second two are most interesting. He talks about various things that freak him out, from hearing a walkie talkie on our decoy to seeing an old guy in the back yard to totally making out an undercover unit following him, Qays still, despite all that, followed his obsession and went to the door. It's just something else to hear, no doubt about it.

    This is our 166th conviction since June of 2004 and our 45th conviction for 2007 so far.