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    File originally posted on 11/7/2009 5:22 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 11/7/2009 5:22 PM PST

    ACAR556 (01/13/07 4:25:21 PM): I would enjoy an honest friendship
    JetPackSideKick (01/13/07 4:25:37 PM): but i dont want no 1 to no
    ACAR556 (01/13/07 4:25:54 PM): I dont want it either
    JetPackSideKick (01/13/07 4:26:01 PM): like i pretend to like girls
    ACAR556 (01/13/07 4:26:06 PM): wecan be friends
    ACAR556 (01/13/07 4:26:13 PM): that is ok
    JetPackSideKick (01/13/07 4:26:31 PM): yeah gotta be friends then it can be bf's
    ACAR556 (01/13/07 4:26:47 PM): wonderful
    JetPackSideKick (01/13/07 4:27:15 PM): i'm goin to the autoshow 2morrow
    ACAR556 (01/13/07 4:27:46 PM): Nice
    JetPackSideKick (01/13/07 4:28:36 PM): i love cars
    ACAR556 (01/13/07 4:28:51 PM): that is a wonderful thing
    JetPackSideKick (01/13/07 4:29:09 PM): i want a mustange convertible when i turn 16 but wont happen
    ACAR556 (01/13/07 4:29:26 PM): you never know
    JetPackSideKick (01/13/07 4:29:45 PM): wont my dad lost his job now just drinks and my mom is gonna throw him out
    ACAR556 (01/13/07 4:30:03 PM): sad
    ACAR556 (01/13/07 4:30:39 PM): you need to do wonderful in school
    JetPackSideKick (01/13/07 4:30:44 PM): they closed his plant in wixom
    ACAR556 (01/13/07 4:30:59 PM): sorry to hear that
    JetPackSideKick (01/13/07 4:31:12 PM): i dont care
    JetPackSideKick (01/13/07 4:31:34 PM): we just had finals last week
    ACAR556 (01/13/07 4:31:46 PM): but you are a handsome , sexy boy
    JetPackSideKick (01/13/07 4:31:59 PM): lots say that but i want it real
    ACAR556 (01/13/07 4:32:35 PM): I can fuck you and then let you fuck me as much as you wish
    Well, I suppose that is honest, but I'm not sure how much of a \"friendship\" it is. I love how he pretends to care about the kid's sad family situation, but easily transitions to wanting to molest. Sick.

    Audberto Cesar Antonini was a doctor, even once a doctor for the Michigan prison system. He knew the realities of prison, yet ultimately his desire to rape a child superseded any fears he might have had about ending up in the same prison system that once employed him. The fears must have been strong too, since he attempted suicide on the day of his trial. He received 1-20 years in prison, various fines, and he must register as a sex offender. His medical license was also revoked by the regulatory board.

    The contributor for this chat was Jay Alternative.

    This is our 396th conviction since June of 2004, our 92nd conviction for 2009, and our 40th conviction in Michigan thus far.