• Conviction - novamike30 - Leesburg, Virginia

    - Chatlog Conviction -
    File originally posted on 4/26/2006 8:25 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 4/26/2006 8:39 PM PST

    novamike30 (8:50:34 PM): you want to have sex?
    vabethgirl (8:50:46 PM): mebee
    novamike30 (8:51:11 PM): i'll behave until you are ready
    novamike30 (8:51:15 PM): :P
    novamike30 (8:51:24 PM): so no pressure
    novamike30 (8:51:38 PM): you never had sex before?
    vabethgirl (8:52:22 PM): yes
    novamike30 (8:52:34 PM): did you enjoy it?
    vabethgirl (8:52:40 PM): yes
    novamike30 (8:54:03 PM): i'll be patient

    And he was patient, talking to our contributor for months before being arrested. Michael Diramondo decided that it was a good idea to hit on us in Virginia... that's never a good idea. This marks yet another conviction for us in Virginia. He started talking to our contributor in July 2005 and was arrested in September 2005.

    Michael recently pled guilty, the terms are as follows:
    2 years at the State Pen, suspended
    5 yrs probation
    Register as a SO for life
    Must pay for all SO counseling as long as his probation officer thinks he needs it.

    We're quite pleased with this outcome and would like to thank Lodoun County Sheriff's for taking this case and taking the case seriously.

    Notes from the Contributor, Almond Joy
    Mike trolled my underage persona very early on, making note of “her” birthday and leaving an offline message. He later found me in a Virginia Regional chat room and a long, deliberate “seduction” of the underage persona began. Mike was a very meticulous groomer that told me of how he liked to visit the local community swimming pools. Many pools and water parks and how he would like to see me in my bikini. Just plain creepy.

    This is site contributor Almond Joy's fourth conviction since joining up with us. This is our 13th conviction so far in 2006 and 53rd conviction since June of 2004. It's also our fourth conviction thus far in the month of April 2006.