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    File originally posted on 12/1/2009 10:31 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 12/1/2009 10:31 PM PST

    lovermangenuis (03/30/07 7:46:04 PM): I know :* ..... so when the parents gonna be outta town
    wonderland_alice_9_92 (03/30/07 7:46:32 PM): they said they are goin away tomorow nite
    wonderland_alice_9_92 (03/30/07 7:46:40 PM): but u have to work :-(
    lovermangenuis (03/30/07 7:46:52 PM): yea..how long they gone for ?
    wonderland_alice_9_92 (03/30/07 7:47:01 PM): til like late sunday
    wonderland_alice_9_92 (03/30/07 7:47:16 PM): :-(
    lovermangenuis (03/30/07 7:47:34 PM): hmmm.... could you sneak out tonight ?
    wonderland_alice_9_92 (03/30/07 7:47:39 PM): maayb
    lovermangenuis (03/30/07 7:48:16 PM): it's early enough...I could stop by and you could walk to my car...and we could go somewhere
    wonderland_alice_9_92 (03/30/07 7:48:38 PM): like how long will it take to get her
    lovermangenuis (03/30/07 7:48:58 PM): don't know.... a hour maybe
    wonderland_alice_9_92 (03/30/07 7:50:10 PM): do u kno where i live
    wonderland_alice_9_92 (03/30/07 7:50:19 PM): we can meet on teh beach
    wonderland_alice_9_92 (03/30/07 7:50:24 PM): they wont see me there
    lovermangenuis (03/30/07 7:50:33 PM): how close is the beach ?
    wonderland_alice_9_92 (03/30/07 7:50:42 PM): i live like on the beach
    wonderland_alice_9_92 (03/30/07 7:50:54 PM): but the road next to us goes to teh beach
    lovermangenuis (03/30/07 7:51:21 PM): what's your address ?
    The "parents" are still home and he still wants to come. Now that is dedication to being a predator.

    Jerome Dwayne Chisholm was arrested as part of our Ocean County, New Jersey sting in the early spring of 2007. He pled guilty in late 2008 to the charges and received 180 days county jail, one year of probation, lifetime supervision and registration as a sex offender. We're very happy he is a RSO because Chisholm is quite the dedicated predator. It is pretty rare that a predator will show up at a bust house without the decoy even claiming that his or her parents are gone away.

    This is our 454th conviction since June of 2004, our 149th conviction for 2009, and our 15th conviction in New Jersey thus far.