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    Report made 3/22/2016 2:29 PM PST

    john_adamowski (05/10/14 10:58:13 PM): I'm really glad we meet babe
    xlizziemariex (05/10/14 10:58:28 PM): me to :D
    john_adamowski (05/10/14 10:58:36 PM): Good
    john_adamowski (05/10/14 10:58:51 PM): So, how often do u like to fuk ?
    xlizziemariex (05/10/14 10:59:04 PM): i havent since me n my ex broke up
    john_adamowski (05/10/14 11:00:39 PM): I'm asking ..when we start fuking..are u gonna wanna do it every day ..2 times a day.. once a week ...etc
    xlizziemariex (05/10/14 11:01:01 PM): i have no idea hahaha
    xlizziemariex (05/10/14 11:01:10 PM): how much r u guna wuna do it
    john_adamowski (05/10/14 11:01:28 PM): Well ..whenever u want it ..ill give it to you
    john_adamowski (05/10/14 11:01:53 PM): Everyday if we can ..but ill be happy w once a week ..lol

    Lofty goals for an attempted child rapist. John Adamowski had no qualms about lying to his supervisors to get time off work to have sex with a child. Unfortunately for him, he ended up needing a bit more time off than he'd originally asked for.

    Adamowski was convicted of two felonies: 53-21(a)(2) - Risk Or Injury To A Minor Involving Contact With The Intimate Parts Of Someone Under Age 16, and 53a-90a - Enticing Someone Under Age 16 Through Interactive Computer Use For those felonies he was sentenced to four years on each count, execution suspended, and ten years of probation. Adamowski is also now registered as a sex offender.

    Notes from the retired Contributor, Heath Bar:
    John Adamowski was one creepy asshat. After the decoy immediately told Adamowski she was 14, he stated he was 25 and asked if that was okay. It was later confirmed that he was actually 37. How disturbing is it that one tries to lure in a 14 year old girl by telling her that hes twelve years younger than he actually is? He only sent the decoy one picture throughout the course of the chat, which appeared to be him in his younger days, or a completely different individual.

    The same day that Adamowski initiated chat, he already began chatting about meeting the decoy for sex. He wanted to teach the decoy different sex positions, asked if she sucked dick and swallows, and said he can eat the decoy out for hours until she cums. Adamowski also had a sick obsession with the decoys booty, constantly chatting about slapping it.

    Whats weird was Adamowski only sent 1 picture to the decoy, and would always have an excuse for not sending more. Maybe thats because hes not 25 and is actually 37? He also stated he would pick the decoy up in a black Jeep. On the date of the arrest, police spotted him driving down the decoys street in a different colored truck... creepy right?

    Adamowski told the decoy that he was going to leave work early saying he has a doctors appointment, and would instead meet with the decoy for sex. Instead of picking up the decoy, Adamowski was met by the Meriden Police Department. I want to give a HUGE thanks to the Meriden Police Department. They were incredibly easy to work with and its easy to see that they will do whatever it takes to get these pedophiles off the street.

    This is our 596th conviction since June of 2004.