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    Report made 8/22/2011 6:14 AM PST

    okape40 (07/19/09 1:12:01 AM): yes, it does lol, I work at U of M but currently I am administrating a summer camp
    mistygray013 (07/19/09 1:12:22 AM): kool
    mistygray013 (07/19/09 1:12:34 AM): i thought u didnt like camping!! LOL
    okape40 (07/19/09 1:12:50 AM): well not that kind of camp
    mistygray013 (07/19/09 1:13:22 AM): what other kinda camp is there?
    okape40 (07/19/09 1:13:50 AM): well you can go to camp for sports or science or math, not always at a \"camp\" outdoors etc
    mistygray013 (07/19/09 1:14:14 AM): ooohhh
    mistygray013 (07/19/09 1:14:17 AM): who goes?
    okape40 (07/19/09 1:14:26 AM): lots of people
    mistygray013 (07/19/09 1:15:00 AM): ok lol
    mistygray013 (07/19/09 1:15:05 AM): what do they do there?
    okape40 (07/19/09 1:15:30 AM): well I run lots of camps, i am the administrator, just means I deal with problems and do all the paperwork etc
    mistygray013 (07/19/09 1:15:40 AM): oh ok
    okape40 (07/19/09 1:15:45 AM): yup
    mistygray013 (07/19/09 1:15:54 AM): like do lots of kids go 2 them?
    mistygray013 (07/19/09 1:15:59 AM): r they fun?
    okape40 (07/19/09 1:15:59 AM): tons
    Wonder why people volunteer with the site? To remove guys like this from kid's summer camps.

    Joshua Hoe was employed by the University of Michigan. As part of that employment, he helped administer youth summer camps. As you can tell from the chat-log posted on the website, there's a reason he would seek out such a position.

    Hoe was arrested during one of our sting operations with the Michigan Attorney General's office. They've been a great partner in that state, resulting in dozens of arrests. Individuals like Hoe, who have access in an authority position over children, are some of the most disturbing and dangerous examples of internet predators out there.

    Hoe was sentenced to nine months prison, a lengthy term of probation and registration as a sex offender, which carries severe restrictions over his access to children.

    Contributor notes from Blue Bonnet
    Over the years Joshua Blake Hoe, using the screen name of okape40, hit up 31 of our teenage persona's in every sting that we did in Michigan. He looked for children online so he could chat with them and tell them how much he wanted to rape them. He liked to send porn to children to show them what he wanted to do to them. Every contributor at PJFI was happy to hear that he was finally arrested.

    Thankfully he no longer works for the University of Michigan where he had access to young people. Hopefully he never gets a chance to be near children and his conviction will show the world how vile he is.

    I want to say thank you to law enforcement and prosecutors in Michigan. They are so very proactive in taking predators off of the streets. I also want to thank my husband for being so supportive of me over these many years of being a contributor with PJFI. I could not have done this work without his support.

    This is our 547th conviction since June of 2004 and our 15th conviction for 2011.