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    File originally posted on 11/18/2007 1:33 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 11/18/2007 1:33 PM PST

    michaelmeyer2448 (04/07/07 1:20:28 PM): well i told you all i want
    13 yro decoy (04/07/07 1:20:57 PM): u want that wit me?
    michaelmeyer2448 (04/07/07 1:21:22 PM): as long as i do not got o jail
    13 yro decoy (04/07/07 1:21:36 PM): lol i dont want that either
    michaelmeyer2448 (04/07/07 1:21:58 PM): and i want it allnight
    13 yro decoy (04/07/07 1:22:05 PM): relly? cool
    michaelmeyer2448 (04/07/07 1:22:20 PM): but i do not think your paretns would like that
    13 yro decoy (04/07/07 1:22:34 PM): lol i nevr tell my dad wat i do
    michaelmeyer2448 (04/07/07 1:22:48 PM): yeah but how would you get out all night
    13 yro decoy (04/07/07 1:23:20 PM): um i gess we can figur somethin out
    13 yro decoy (04/07/07 1:23:35 PM): i go on sleepovers all the time
    michaelmeyer2448 (04/07/07 1:23:50 PM): are you a virgin
    13 yro decoy (04/07/07 1:23:58 PM): um yeah
    michaelmeyer2448 (04/07/07 1:24:02 PM): ok
    13 yro decoy (04/07/07 1:24:11 PM): sorry
    michaelmeyer2448 (04/07/07 1:24:16 PM): its ok
    13 yro decoy (04/07/07 1:24:28 PM): ok
    michaelmeyer2448 (04/07/07 1:24:44 PM): so you wanna lose your virginaty
    13 yro decoy (04/07/07 1:25:06 PM): yeah wit the rite guy
    michaelmeyer2448 (04/07/07 1:25:22 PM): well that is probalt not me
    13 yro decoy (04/07/07 1:25:33 PM): oh yeah y not?
    michaelmeyer2448 (04/07/07 1:25:52 PM): because it should be someone you love
    13 yro decoy (04/07/07 1:26:13 PM): oh ok
    michaelmeyer2448 (04/07/07 1:26:57 PM): plus i would need to talk on phone anyway
    13 yro decoy (04/07/07 1:27:18 PM): yeah me too that way i kno ur for real
    michaelmeyer2448 (04/07/07 1:27:36 PM): same here to know you are a female not a bop
    michaelmeyer2448 (04/07/07 1:27:46 PM): cop ah,
    13 yro decoy (04/07/07 1:27:58 PM): lol was wonderin wat a bop was

    Beyond not being cops, we're not bops either.

    Michael Meyers at least isn't a mass-murdering psychotic like his film counterpart. Then again, at least the Halloween version didn't try to sleep with thirteen year olds. Meyers was part of our Highland Heights sting operation in Kentucky.

    To say that we're happy with the sentencing is an understatement. Meyers has received five years in prison. His release in five years will only be a conditional discharge. If he violates his terms, he goes back in to serve another five years in jail. He will also have to register as a sex offender. Great sentence.

    Contributor notes from Sunny D
    Michael Meyers is a textbook predator. Within 6 minutes of chatting with what he believed to be a 13 yo girl, he made his intentions very clear asking the girl for sex. He was fully aware that what he was doing was illegal, referring to the girl as \"jailbait,\" and wanting to talk to the girl on the phone to make sure she was not a cop.

    The chat includes all the textbook predator questions: Where are your parents? Are you a cop? Are you a virgin? Do you shave? Do you wear thongs? and on, and on..

    I gave him several opportunities to just leave the chat, but his desire to have sex with a 13 yo virgin overrode any caution. His constant comparisons of oral sex to \"sucking on a lollipop\" and his desire to have the girl dress like Britney Spears schoolgirl video are just some of the more disgusting highlights of his chat.

    A special thanks to pinkstarlights24, for doing such a wonderful job on the verifies. Her calls were so convincing as a 13 yo girl, Meyers overcame any caution and showed up for his arrest.

    When he arrived at the bust house expecting a 13 yo virgin, he was surprised by the dedicated officers of the Highland Heights PD and KBI. In light of all the evidence against him, i.e. the chat and verifies, he pled guilty.

    Michael Meyers arrest, conviction and 5 yr sentence shows how serious Kentucky is about stopping internet predators in their state. And, I am grateful for all their hard work and dedication.

    This is our 236th conviction since June of 2004 and our 115th conviction for 2007 so far.