• Conviction - dragon_2973 - Silverdale, Washington

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    File originally posted on 5/20/2007 12:44 AM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 5/20/2007 12:44 AM PST

    dragon_2973 (11/19/06 11:51:36 PM): have you ever heard of foreplay
    Decoy Name (11/19/06 11:51:43 PM): ya in health class
    dragon_2973 (11/19/06 11:52:05 PM): ok i take it you are a virgin
    Decoy Name (11/19/06 11:52:07 PM): ya
    dragon_2973 (11/19/06 11:53:45 PM): so ok i will ask you this
    dragon_2973 (11/19/06 11:53:51 PM): are you willing to learn?
    Decoy Name (11/19/06 11:53:58 PM): like in school?
    Decoy Name (11/19/06 11:54:26 PM): learn what?
    dragon_2973 (11/19/06 11:54:38 PM): maybe i shouldnt ask
    Decoy Name (11/19/06 11:54:43 PM): huh?
    dragon_2973 (11/19/06 11:55:02 PM): its about something i am not sure i should ask
    Decoy Name (11/19/06 11:55:35 PM): what do you mean?
    dragon_2973 (11/19/06 11:55:48 PM): sex
    Decoy Name (11/19/06 11:55:59 PM): oh lol
    dragon_2973 (11/19/06 11:56:18 PM): as you see, i do respect and care
    Oh yeah, it's definitely apparent.

    Steven Berrios made a mistake, he hit up a PeeJ contributor in an Information First area. Oops on his part. Arrested in Washington, Berrios would eventually plea guilty to solicitation.

    He will receive 2 months straight confinement and 12 months community control. Of course, many people really don't understand the full impact of becoming an RSO. In the interests of education, here's the full impact.

    probation restrictions:
    - obey all laws
    - stay in the prescribed geographical area
    - notify if he's going to leave the area or move
    - pay money to be supervised
    - comply with all other provisions
    - work only at DOC approved education/employment places
    - possess or consume any controlled substances without prescription
    - reside only where the DOC says he can
    - consume no alcohol, if directed by the CCO
    - commit no sexual offenses and no offenses involving a minor
    - no contact order with the victims
    - possess/access porn or other sexually exploitative materials as deemed so by therapist
    - frequent no adult bookstores, arcades, or other places providing adult sexual entertainment
    - possess/access no pornography, sexually explicit material and/or material pertaining to minors via computer (i.e. internet)
    - no 900 numbers and copies of phone bill provided to his CCO
    - no contact with children under 18 without the presence of an adult who is aware of the conviction and who is approved by the CCO
    - no loitering or frequenting places where kids are known to be present including shopping malls, arcades, parks, playgrounds and schools.
    - abide by curfew
    - no picking up hitchikers or hitchhiking
    - submit to periodic polygraph or plethysomograph testing at own expense and discretion of the CCO or any treatment provider
    - No firearms
    - Registration with the local sheriff within 24 hours of release
    - EVERYTHING in Appendix H.

    So what's Appendix H? Why, even more!

    - Available to and report to CCO whenever directed
    - Work at DOC approved education, employment and/or community service
    - Not consume controlled substance except legal prescriptions
    - Not unlawfully possess controlled substances
    - Pay supervision fees
    - Not own or possess a firearm or ammunition
    - Notify the CCO of change of address or employment
    - Remain within the geographic boundary set forth by the CCO
    - No contact with minors except his own children and any biological or common-law minors in his own home including in person, in writing, via the internet
    - Shall not enter places where alcohol is the chief item of sale
    - Shall not own, use, possess or access any sexually explicit items in any format including: magazine, DVD/Video, telephonic/videophonic, computer or live format. This includes sexual toys or sexual aids, bondage devices and any other item(s) deemed sexually explicit by the CCO.
    - Shall not frequent places where sexual entertainment is provided including adult bookstores, topless establishments and massage parlours.
    - Random urine and polygraph testing to determine compliance
    - Sex offender registration
    - Notify CCO of any contact with a law enforcement officer within 24 hours
    - Shall maintain financial responsibility
    - Counseling and treatment as determined by CCO
    - Prohibited from associating with people who have care and custody of minors without permission of CCO
    - Shall not engage in intimate, romantic, sexual or dating relationships with anyone other than his wife without prior permission from the CCO.
    - Shall have prior approval from CCO for any and all residence and employment situations including overnight guests at his residence and overnight visits at other residences.
    - Shall not travel outside the county of residence without prior approval from the CCO, subject to curfew requirements

    Notes from the Contributor, General Tso
    Steven Berrios was convicted under a revised version of the Washington State laws against immoral communication with a minor. The original statute lists this as a gross misdemeanour and was not included in registration statutes. It made working against online predators in Washington very hard. It was doable, as evidenced by our previous convictions, however it was difficult. Predators could easily plea out of the Attempted Child Rape 2 charge down into a gross misdemeanour charge and have no registration requirement.

    In the 2006 legislative session, the WA state legislature tackled the issue of online predators hard. They did a few things to make life harder for online predators. The first thing they did was make communication [b]by electronic means[/b] a Class C Felony. This means that text messages, any computers, video games, and any other electronic means automatically enhance the charge. The second thing they did was add the Gross misdemeanour and felony charge of immoral communication with a minor to the list of registerable offenses in the state. Hellloooo! We love that statute.

    Steven committed his crime and was sentenced under the new statutes. He will serve two months in jail and be subject to 1 year of community control after that. Additionally, because he was convicted of a sex offense, he has another three years of probation after that first year, subject to all restrictions that come with it. Included in his probation restrictions are a prohibition on overnight guests without his CCO's approval. He may have sexual relations with only his wife unless his CCO approves of them. He must submit to polygraph and plethysomograph (that's where they show the individual pictures of various ages and genders of people and measure their arousal levels by penile response via a little ring or tube around the penis) at the CCO's discretion and at his own expense. That sounds comfortable, doesn't it? He's also got the normal probationary restrictions of no pornographic materials and no contact with minors except his own children without the presence of an adult who knows about the conviction and his CCO's approval.

    In all, after he gets out of jail in 2 months he's got a tough go at it. I have not received information yet about the response by NCIS to this conviction. Updates will be available in the forums (and maybe here!) when I get word on what happened through the Navy as the result of his choice.

    I'd like to thank my fantastic verifier, Cookie Crisp for her work on this bust. Without her it would have been very difficult. She did a great job. I'd also like to thank the fine men and women of the Kitsap County Sheriff's office for their great work. They are always a pleasure to work with and I cannot wait to do more work with them.

    This is our 187th conviction since June of 2004 and our 66th conviction for 2007 so far.